Aviation 8 flew to $ 2 billion, doubled down

Aviation 8 flew to $ 1 billion, doubled the way: During the last 10 years, many investments in air, land and shipping have been signed, and the country's ambitious infrastructure works have been implemented. Binali Yıldırım, who plays an important role in these projects, will take an important role in the government or the kiosk.

the long-term carrying out one of the old ministry Maritime Transport and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim in Turkey, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan scored to give the importance that infrastructure projects. Double roads, high-speed train, Marmaray, 3. prestige projects such as bridges were shaped during the period of Yildirim.

Either the government or the kiosk
Binali Yildirim is expected to enter the cabinet of the new Prime Minister-elect Ahmet Davutoglu. Yildirim is expected to be in an executive position again. Another scenario for Yildirim, Erdogan and Erdogan, Erdogan, the government will be one of the names that will connect with the government. In both scenarios, it is stipulated that Binali Yildirim remains in politics, not retirement.
In a press conference last week, Yildirim said: yapan I am a transport minister with nearly ten years of 12 years in the government of four republics. I've never been in anticipation of duty. Everything I think means politics to serve the nation. Dü

21 is a double road with a thousand km

  • xnumx't divided into 2003 6 thousand kilometers roads which reached 101 thousand kilometers. Double roads became one of the most important arguments in government actions.
  • 2003 billion investments were made between 2010-10 and railways.
  • High-speed train projects were started.
  • The foundation of the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway, which will provide uninterrupted rail connections from China to Western Europe, was laid.
  • Railways have carried the highest load on 2008 since its inception. 2009 transport was 22 million tons. 2002 increased by 50.
  • In 2009, 80,1 million passengers were transported by rail. The increase was 2002 percent compared to 10…
  • MKEK in collaboration with the Turkish State Railways train wheels for the first time began to be produced in Turkey.
  • By supporting the local rail production, 2002-2010 from the Karabük Iron and Steel Plant received a total of 196 thousand tons from June. 2003-2009 5 50 total mileage between the received tracks and XNUMX-XNUMX. road renewed.
  • Improvements were made in 3 thousand 350 passages, 500 level crossings were controlled…
  • Istanbul Bosphorus Railway Bosphorus Tube Passage and Gebze-Halkalı The first phase of the Improvement of the Suburban Lines (Marmaray) project was realized. When the project is completed, the railway lines on both sides of the Istanbul Strait will be connected by a railway tunnel connection under the Bosphorus.
  • 3 to Istanbul. The bridge was given to start.

Turkish flag on white list

  • The project ği Tax Free Fuel ”, which is a revolution for the development of maritime transport, for ships working on cabotage lines and fishing boats, was put into practice as of 1 January 2004. Thus, serious support was provided to the sector by not collecting SCT.
  • 2 has passed the Turkish Flag White List with the Paris MoU report published on June 2009.
  • Yacht harbors started to be constructed with Build-Operate-Transfer model.
  • A reduction of approximately 50 in the port tariffs resulted in a competitive environment with the EU and Mediterranean basin countries.

Telecom sector technology jumped

  • 3G subscribers reached 16,6 million.
  • The number of broadband access subscribers has reached 8 million 42 thousand.
  • Turkey 40 12 million Internet users in the world with approximately. 5 in Europe, in line. he's in line.
  • The number of cable internet subscribers reached 218.895.
  • The 27 service provided by 223 has been launched from the e-government gate.
  • The information and communication technologies market 33 reached a billion dollars.
  • The 40 bin 000 school's broadband internet connection was provided and the fee was met by the Ministry of Transport.

Airplane for All
* With the project c Every Turkish citizen will fly at least once in his life ıyla with the slogan ıyla Every Turkish citizen will be on the plane ıyla.
* 10 million people boarded for the first time.
* Air transport industry turnover exceeded 8 billion dollars.

Mobile anywhere

  • Mobile phone service was provided to all places up to 500.
  • Law No. 5651 was introduced to combat crimes committed on the Internet.
  • The Fixed Communication Sector monopoly has disappeared, and with the liberalization, the 443 licensed operator has started to serve in the telecommunications sector.
  • Turkey's 3. Turksat 3A was launched into space in 13 June 2008.

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