Esenköy Tunnels to be Completed at 2016

Esenköy Tunnels will be Completed at 2016: Tunnel construction in Esenköy town of Yalova province will be completed in 2016.
Esenköy Municipality launched the Esenköy-Armutlu crossing project, which consists of 6 tunnels and 4 viaducts, this year. The works continue without slowing down. Esenköy Mayor Özer Kaptan, who stated that 5 meters of excavations are carried out every day in the tunnels, said, “Connecting the Yalova-Esenköy-Armutlu NATO road to the coastal road from the Esenköy Gendarmerie Station Command would have dealt a serious blow to the tourism of the town. On the other hand, we brought this project with a cost of approximately 200 million TL to our town. kazanWe went on the climbing route. We pulled the NATO road route to the mountainous part behind the Gendarmerie Command. Thanks to this transit, Esenköy, known as a summer resort, will develop and grow. The works of the tunnels, where the shortest tunnel will be 286 meters and the longest tunnel 2 thousand 65 meters long, are continuing rapidly. The cost of the projects planned to be completed in 2016 will be approximately 200 million TL. These studies are very important for Esenköy. There is no problem with the source. The company is working with 40 percent capacity. They drill 5 meters a day. The total length of the 6 tunnels will be 4 meters," he said.
Explaining that the tunnels will save Esenköy's tourism and forest, Kaptan said, “The government provided great support in this regard. Otherwise, the area with the beaches would be expropriated and filled. If it is the future of my town and the benefit of my people, I will lie at the door of the ministers, if necessary. If this road had crossed the coast, it would have been impossible to repair summer tourism in the town. Our people would pay for this. I couldn't tolerate this. My people voted for me to defend their rights. I have held numerous meetings with ministers and general managers in Ankara to be worthy of their trust. I've been rejected many times. They said I was dreaming. But without tearing tired, I explained the benefit this would give to our town. Finally, I had the road to be taken to the mountain part and passed the tunnels. Good luck to our people, "he said.

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