The first source for Marmaray's tracks Kadıköy'also

The source of the iron rails in the Marmaray Project, Kadıköywas held at Marmaray Ayrılık Çeşme Station in Marmaray. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the ceremony. After the completion of the tube passage in Marmaray, the stage of laying the rails was started.

Tayyip Erdogan said about the Marmaray project:

Olur To see Marmaray laying tubes under the sea and putting rails in it would be to underestimate it. We perform this work under a sea with two currents in the opposite direction. At the depth of 60 of the surface, we realize this project with the deepest immersed tube tunnel in the world. We are not only installing a rail transport system; We are building a piece of art with fine workmanship.

I would like to express this in particular. This is not an Istanbul project. Marmaray project is a Turkey. It is an intercontinental project connecting and connecting Europe and Asia. Marmaray is a world project. The Istanbul project of this project is so much Van project, Tekirdag project; Antalya, Yozgat, Erzurum, Kars project. In fact, this project is a project that closely concerns London in the West and Beijing in the East.

With the completion of Marmaray, only the Anatolian and European sides will not merge with the rail system. With this project, an uninterrupted railway line between Beijing and London has been established and a 'modern Silk Road' will be built. Bu

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