Continue to Extension and Asphalting Works in Malatya

Continue to Extension and Asphalting Works in Malatya: After gaining metropolitan status, the mission and service area of ​​Malatya Metropolitan Municipality has been expanded.
7 floor surface asphalt pavement was made on 2 kilometer
Within the framework of the studies planned by Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Road and Infrastructure Coordination Department; On the 7 kilometer road between the Hisartepe and Bulutlu neighborhoods, the 2 pavement was covered.
The most important transportation axis of the Hisartepe and Bulutlu Neighborhoods located on Beydağı slopes is the 7 kilometer road route; First of all, the Municipality completed the grouting works with filler, patch and roller, and then the 2 floor covering asphalt work was carried out and the road became safer.
five-foot road width increased to 10 meter
In addition, the Metropolitan Municipality continues to expand its road to the group connecting the five kilometers of Hisartepe, Taşdibek and Pelitli neighborhoods.
Along the way, restricting the view of the cornering sections, extending the ramps lowered the Metropolitan Municipality, the roadside also did cleaning. While the usual road which is five meters was increased to 10 meter width, concrete and reinforced concrete was made against dry streams and mountain water, and the smallest was made of 600 mm and the largest was 1600 mm.
The Metropolitan Municipality, which has also made stabilized coating works in place, will complete the asphalt pavement after the completion of the sub-foundation and basic works on the road.
Muhtar and citizens thanks
The district headmen of the district of Pelitli, who have evaluated the studies, stated that they were very satisfied with the works carried out.
For the first time since many years such a very thorough road work is done, the vehicles on the road is very difficult to pass a lot of vehicles pointing back to the point where some of the vehicles that have returned to the neighborhood residents, fazla We thank the Metropolitan Municipality. After the end of the work, our transportation problem will be solved. They will not come back because our vehicles can no longer climb the ramps, Araç they said.

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