A Bridge to Be Built Between Armutçuk and Lale Island in Ayvalık

womb gencer
womb gencer

The plan and project of the bridge to be built between Armutçuk and Lale Island in Ayvalık District of Balıkesir has been prepared.

Stating that a 30 meter long and 3 meter high bridge will be built on the embankment road between Armutçuk and Lale Island, Ayvalık Mayor Rahmi Gençer from CHP said that the sea will be deepened by 4 meters and circulation in the inland sea will be ensured. Stating that fishing boats can pass under the bridge easily, Mayor Gençer said that they plan to turn it into a beach by filling both sides of the road with the bridge project.

President Gençer said:

“We are considering a project that will include surf schools, cafeterias, beaches and bicycle paths in the filled areas. The prepared project is a draft project. Depending on the situation, the length of the bridge can be extended up to 50 meters, but experts say these dimensions will be sufficient. We will implement this project in consultation with the metropolitan municipality. ”

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