Is the cause of the train crash in Germany a mechanic error?

The reason for the train crash in Germany was the mechanic error: It was claimed that the accident occurred in Mannheim, the freight train machine did not see a signal, or the incorrect placement of the rail shears.

While both allegations have not yet been confirmed by the authorities, kazanThe possibility that the train may be caused by a technical malfunction in the trains is also being evaluated.

On the other hand, it was announced that there was no leakage from the chemical-filled barrels on the freight train involved in the accident. In the accident that scared the two passenger cars on the passenger train 250 derailment on the side.

Passengers trapped in the wagons could be rescued from the wagons as a result of a three-hour fire brigade. 18 passengers taken to hospital after the accident was reported to be life-threatening. Due to the accident, there were disruptions in the train trips at the weekend.

The passenger train involved in the accident at the 200 meter distance to the Mannheim Train Station was going to Saarbrücken from Graz and the freight train from Duisburg to Sopron, Hungary.

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