Train services scheduled to start in October

Train services are scheduled to start in October:Çerkezköy Governor Kaybilam yesterday in the statement of TCDD officials with high-speed train services to start a series of talks shared with members of the press.


Kaymakam Metin Kubilay, ÇerkezköyFrom the fast trains since he started working the opinion that the start of a Provincial Coordination Committee meeting held four months in the voiced frequently by stating that "an important industrial city of Turkey, Çerkezköythousands of people want to start the train at once. As a district governor, I received the information received from the authorities in writing about the time and date of the fast teren flights at the end of his attempts to start the high-speed train services which will determine the future of the district in the best way by fulfilling his duty to me and shared the information he received with the press. .


Kaymakam Metin Kubilay den I received information from TCDD Regional Manager Hasan Gedikli. Ömerli-Çerkezköy has been closed to the traffic of the line since the date of 03.03.2014Çerkezköy from 68 km. that the road renewal will be done, 120 is the auction period, June 2014 said it was planned to be opened to traffic by the end. Also Bosfor Expresi every day Çerkezköy-Kapukule-Bucharest, Bucharest-Kapukule-Çerkezköy Bosfor Expresi Çerkezköy The station is at 05.41. Çerkezköy The clock at the station moves at 00.05 and Çerkezköy- Daily 3-4 units between European and European freight trains and customs operations Çerkezköy The information was given by the Logistics Directorate. Lojistik


He shared with the members of the press the information given to him by TCDD Road Manager Mümin Karasu and expert Engineer Özgür Altınok. Çerkezköy Metin Kubilay, District Governor, Ku About Us makHalkalı-Çerkezköy In the construction of infrastructure improvement between the stations of the stations, Xtn. company. 2012 + 2013-56 + 070 total 71 km.Infrastructure improvement was performed. Kabakça-Çerkezköy Contractor KLK construction. 113 m of the km.871 + 110-805 + 3056 and X. 104 of 000-99 + 993 of the 4007-XNUMX + XNUMX m. also Çerkezköy 870 m. total 7943 m. Infrastructure improvement has been done and 22.943 m. infrastructure improvement work has been done and the provisional assumptions were made in 2013. In 2013, the tender for supply construction was initiated and Unitek inş.tur.inş. 2 with the common partnership-22.01.2014 signed a contract on the 'information was given,' he said.


The date of the contract 27.01.2014, the date of the delivery of information given that the date of the 12.02.2014 Kublai Kaibilay UM 240 day of the work is the day, during this time the 75 day line is completely closed, the extension of the day and 82 26 days of this date, the line is completely closed, the tender price 45 million 941 thousand 244.50 TL, and the date of starting work was informed that 04.04.2014. In addition, infrastructure improvement, cable channel, cable supply, retaining wall, drainage ditch, culvert and level crossing will be done for the works to be done, iyileşt he said.


Subcontractor Kubilay platform Road Manager Mümin Karasu and the expert Engineer Free Altınok stated that they planned to complete the infrastructure work on 25 October 2014. Due to the fact that the implementation project in the landslide region between 3-4 + 87 has not been completed yet, the infrastructure work has been delayed. The infrastructure is expected to be completed until the date of 900 'information is given. In addition, Istanbul-Demirköprü line, Çatalça-Kabakça Stations Klm.88 + 400-25.10.2014 + 65 893 meters in the tunnel for the construction of a non-ballast-free long-length construction firm Yapıray İnş.San.Tic.A.Ş. 66 and 318 on the date of delivery of the contract 3 and 425 days of the work done on this contract and 21.04.2014 Tl. and the date of the end of the work is also 28.04.2014 date and from this date the railways will be opened to be delivered to the next time was given information was given.


Çerkezköy'Reputation in the world that Turkey is an important industrial city as well as to train the necessary time to work for a long time because of yapılamams Çerkezköy people and the people of the region and ÇerkezköyKubilay stated that there are demands every day for the relaion of trains uÇerkezköy a very important industrial city. I am also very happy to work in this beautiful city. ÇerkezköyI have made a series of attempts with the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) officials in the direction of the resumption of trains since I started working in Turkey. In addition, every four months at the Provincial Coordination Board meeting held on the agenda. Because the train services Çerkezköy Very important to. The re-start of the trains will also have an economic return to our district, which will make it easier to travel by train to the places on the train route. Çerkezköy As a district governor, I pay utmost attention to do my part in this matter. Hopefully, the train service starts on 25 October 2014 as stated in the information note given to me. On the day when the train services started, we will thank SMBC officials together with our press members and we will thank TCDD officials Tren.

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