10 Important Details from Istanbul Metro

10 Important Details from Istanbul Metro: With the investments made in recent years, the most important vehicle used in public transportation for our big cities has started to be the metro. Rail transportation, especially in Istanbul, is developing assertively. It was an important factor in providing the Bosphorus passage with Marmaray. With the superficial metro to be built on the Marmaray route with high speed train connection, the share of transportation in rail systems will increase.

Previously, in an article titled "Scribbles on Subway", sözcüI finished with things. "Let's not forget that the urban population living in a city that lives fast in order to enjoy daily life has a lot of work."

Urbanists determine the rules of living in the city with the behaviors they bring together with a common culture. Since the subway was too late in our city culture, there would of course be some problems. The Anatolian side subway, which is the last two subway lines ( Kadıköy With the rapid entry of the Kartal) and Marmaray lines into the city life, those living on these routes have made a rapid introduction to the world metro culture.

I pass on a few notes that many of you come from every day, and those who are not in sub-cities are not familiar.

1- Firstly, it was generally a matter of concern that the curious masses who came from the in subway arriving to the Anatolian side ”became more and more diminished. However, especially the last 4 month, the price is discounted by 50, after a few attempts to be reliable, fast and comfortable with the increase in the number of passengers can say that significantly increased. There is a serious crowd at the stations and even when there is no need for density, the occupancy has increased considerably.

2- As life begins to spread throughout the city, its use in intermediate stations not only for the commute, but also as a requirement of everyday life. Kadıköy The plan of not using the metro for the stop has begun to work. Especially the Unalan and Marmaray connection stops, Ayrılık Çeşmesi, which are connected to the Metrobus line, take a significant number of passengers.

3- How to treat the Metro continues to be a problem. Landing and boarding is a problem. In the main stations, the descendants are not allowed to descend even if they are given priority, and even the race between them is quite interesting. At the stations, the warnings about the convenience of the descendants, which are written under the doors to which the train will be approached, are hardly taken into consideration.

The 4-4-6 time is quite long for a busy metro line. Schedules must have a maximum of 3 minutes.

5- The transportation routes built parallel to each other, which are the fate of the Anatolian side (Coastal road, train road, minibus road, E-5 highway and the player of the same route. Kadıköy- Kartal subway) when viewed in the direction of the map, it provides nothing for vertical transportation. It will be more useful with the establishment of connections instead of a straight metro, and even a little complicated. I hope the plans are not just for horizontal transportation.

6 - Standing on the right in the escalators and giving way to the left side is a city culture that is practiced all over the world. We can say that despite the incongruity of several people occasionally, there is a great deal of compliance. Nevertheless, despite the warnings on this subject everywhere, such images are at every station.

7- In the audio and video warning systems inside the metro vehicles, it is more effective to broadcast advertisements instead of the new metro propaganda.

8- It is quite uncomfortable that some stations are far away from settlements and the roads are not bright enough. Urgent measures should be taken for these places.

9- At the stations where 1 DK. When we wrote, we found that it took more than two minutes for the train to arrive. (I think this is an unusual example that corresponds to me.)

10- In the morning trains, the materials used in the night cleaning or the materials used in the ventilation systems (which may be another reason), I think it is a non-cute bad smell. This smell does not remain in the future.

And I have a special observation. The cold, metallic and industrial feeling of the metropolis is suddenly spread out in the same crowds, leaving the subway and taking the ferry. The effect of the sea or the weather is not known, but the cold, light-faced people on the subway and white heads (!) People who do not look at each other's face in the ferry comes a color, joy.


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