40 Billion Dollars Support from China to Silk Road Fund

China's 40 Billion Dollars Support to the Silk Road Fund: China promised to prepare an allowance of 40 billion dollars for the fund allocated for the Silk Road project.

Chinese President Xi Jinping made his promise at the Yesterday's "Partnership Strengthening Dialogue" meeting, attended by some leaders coming to China to attend the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. In the meeting attended by leaders from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Pakistan and Tajikistan, Xi expressed that the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Sea Silk Road projects (Belt and Road) are fused with the connection network.

Xi, India, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand, the signature of the project's goal is to break the narrow passage of the Asian continent, he said. Xi also emphasized that the fund will be open to all investors.

Asia, in connection with transportation, infrastructure and development leaps, should be aware of the earliest harvesting of the transfer of Xi, China, the seven countries participating in the meeting with other countries will give priority to railway and road projects, he said.

Xi Jinping also made a five-point proposal regarding the project in question during his speech. According to the Chinese media, these include the establishment of a connection network primarily centered in Asia, the financing of the connection network bottleneck in Asia through financing and the consolidation of the social network in Asia through cultural change.

On the other hand, United Nations Economic and Social Commission and Shanghai Cooperation Organization representatives also attended the meeting, where some leaders came to China to attend the Xi and APEC summit. At the meeting, Xi also promised to provide training to 20 people in neighboring countries of China over the next five years.

Bloomberg wrote in his report on the Chinese authorities that he had allocated $ 16,3 billion to fund local infrastructure construction as part of China's "New Silk Road" plan. The "New Silk Road" plan to cover land and sea lines was announced by Chinese President Xi in Kazakhstan a year ago.

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