Coşkunyürek, Turkey's transportation investments 340 billion has been spent

Coşkunyürek, Turkey wasted 340 to transport investment billion: Transport, Shipping and Communications Deputy Minister Yuksel Coşkunyürek Turkey to 4 hour flight distance from stating 1,5 billion people is found, rail, road and in a serious corridors for the airline said that Turkey's transportation investments to 340 billion spent .

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Deputy Minister Yuksel Coşkunyürek, Mimar Sinan Isparta Engineers Union Representation in the program organized by the hotel's conference room "2023 Turkey Vision and Transportation Solutions" made a speech.

Coşkunyürek said, ıl The gross national product in this geography is 35 trillion dollars. The trade volume is 7 trillion. If we are in such a position, we act at the point of forming our transportation structure according to this location. We are in a middle corridor for railways transportation.

If we think that wealth is now shifting from Europe to Asia, we feel that the European countries have increased their interest and interest towards Asia. At this point, we continue our efforts to increase our strength. We are in a serious aisle, both on the railway, on the highway and on the air, Hem he said.

2003 559 1 thousand in the road transport in the 202 travels, while today 80 million XNUMX thousand said that the travel, foreign trade by the sea XNUMX'ın announced by the sea.

Coşkunyürek said that the Ministry invested a total of 14 billion in the last 340 annually, and said, ğ We see that the biggest share here is on the highways with 216 billion liras. While 60 is following the railway with a billion lira, we see 32 billion pounds in the air, 27 billion pounds in communications and 4 billion in the sea. Currently the ministry is running the 3 bin 500 project. This includes special public spending on spending on 340 billion liras. The amount of investments in public private cooperation exceeds 95 billion pounds. Kamu

”From Edirne to Urfa, we will provide an uninterrupted highway up to 2023“

Coşkunyürek said that the 60 of the investments included the roads, and said: de We had a thousand 2003 km highway and 714 bin 4 kilometers divided by 384. The total is 6 thousand 101 kilometers. 2017 25 202 2019 when we arrive. Our 30 target is the 10 thousand kilometer road network. This situation contributed to the labor savings of XNUMX billion pounds.

6 has a billion pounds contribution as fuel savings. In total, the divided roads we have contributed to our country 16 billion pounds. Our highway works continue. From Edirne to Urfa, we will be providing an uninterrupted highway up to 2023. On the roadway responsibility area is currently 63 thousand 143 mileage road. In our 2023 target, this network will go up to a thousand 70.

We have a thousand 2003 kilometers on the 714 of our motorway length, and we have the goal of bringing the 8 to a thousand kilometers. Our target for the divided road network is 25, which we aim to increase from one thousand kilometers to one thousand kilometers from 37 Böl.

X 2018 3 km railway network ends at 173 “

Expressing that they want to develop high-speed train network and high-speed train on the railway, Coşkunyürek said that the pre-Republic railway network is the 4 bin 136 and that the Ottoman Empire did it. Coşkunyürek, X The first years of the Republic 1923-1950 3 thousand 764 miles between kilometers made. 1951 2003 945 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX.

By the way, we neglected the railway. Our railway between 2004-2016 is 805 kilometers. Most of this is our high-speed train line. 2018 3, which is going to be completed in 713, has reached its final point in the works. The Ankara-Konya high-speed train runs the Ankara-Eskişehir-İstanbul high-speed train. Konya-Karaman line has reached the end of the stage.

Even works on Ankara-Izmir are continuing intensively. We have a total road network of 12 kilometers of 500 kilometers in the railroad N.

The airline stated that the ministry's investment in Turkey's chest swell Coşkunyürek, he continued: "We've grow at three times the world average airline. We spread the airline network to our country.

Our Prime Minister had been instructed to have an airport in all provinces. We are currently aiming to reach the airport within a kilometer of 100. In the future, when we do our national aircraft, we will have a national type airplane.

We are considering the 50-60 or the maximum 80 personality-type type aircraft. That's why we have an airport destination with each. The number of airports is now 26 to 55. We already had an 162 plane, and now we have 541. We do an international transportation at airports. We fly to the 60 spot abroad, we fly to the 289 spot today.

Previously fly to 26 point from two centers, we are flying at the moment 7 from the center 55 point. "Space Agency kuruluyortürkiye In Space Agency passed from the commission regarding the establishment and the Assembly noted the future agenda Coşkunyürek, Space Agency, along with the Turkey's get your guard in space and target 5 billion TL noted that it is to take a share of the cake.

Coşkunyürek in space that there is a share of 2 trillion dollars, there is a strong state not be not be söyledi.denizcilik sector also touches on Coşkunyürek, "Turkey 14 years, the economy, the state also tripled grown in the maritime industry is grow three times the national income. Our port number is 152, we have done 172, the number of shipments has increased from 37 to 80.

The 3-4 maritime industry has been in a crisis due to the decline in world trade for years. But we are going to a good point as the country. Our marine vehicles 6 million to 13 million. The number of passengers in the 100 million has reached 148 million, Yolcu he said.

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