2014 HGS and OGS Criminal Inquiry

2014 HGS and OGS Punishment Inquiry: This is a member of the Automatic Passage System (HGS) which was launched this year on the bridges and highways. HGS is a member of HGS.
In this way, the system automatically gets the toll from the existing OGS account, indicating that the penalty is not written officials, the application will change after June, he said.
In other words, in the case of faulty transitions after June, HNC will be penalized up to 11. The statement made by the General Directorate of Highways on the subject is as follows: inin The driver has to use the lanes on the entry and exit of the system used by him in accordance with the rules. If the transition from the output lanes outside these lanes is carried out, the penalty is charged. Ler
One of the complaints raised in the system is about the HGS cards that have become unusable. Even if there is a balance in the HGS tag that loses its function due to various reasons such as tearing or wetting at the beginning of the complaints of the drivers, the new label is obliged to have at least 30 TL loading obligation. The old HGS labels are renewed with 5 TL card type labels for 15 TL.
PTT General Manager Osman Tural made a statement on the issue of the old balance is transferred back to the renewed labels that a fee should not be paid again, he said. Tural said that the transitions made until the old one bought a new card fell automatically from the current balance and added that ler Hence, the balance falls below the 30 TL. If the desired balance of the current balance of the drivers to the lower limit is given Sür gave information. HGS account is the farthest distance of 30 TL under the thought of the label is canceled. Therefore, the balance on the card should not fall below this amount.

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