Bağlar Mahallesi wants to pave the roads

Bağlar Mahallesi Wants to Paving the Road: Hakkari'nın Bağlar Mahallesi'nın in October of the 2013 in October, there was no more work.
Due to the incidents occurring in the region due to the families of immigrants from the villages of Bağlar neighborhood road, 2013 in September by the mayor of Hakkari, although the road was completely destroyed as a result of the tender was destroyed. Last year, the road is happy to be paved, dust and sludge rescued residents of the neighborhood, but the untimely work on the asphalt is not even today, they say that the trace. Neighborhood residents, havada Our neighborhood path was not available in the smallest rainy weather. Therefore, even commercial taxi drivers can not take passengers to our neighborhood. In September and October of 2013, a contractor company took the stabilized material to the neighborhood road and then poured asphalt onto it. Asphalt made the company doing the job many times asphalt asphalt, this asphalt does not listen to someone although we did not listen and on the road asphalting work was done. Now there is no work in the asphalt work done. Potholes are opened in the neighborhood road, vehicles are forced to come and go. Our goal is to make the road healthy and the sharp bend on the road and the level of downhill slopes can not fall. We are ready to support the municipality as residents of the neighborhood. Biz
Hakkari Municipality Co-Chair Nurullah Farmer, 2013 in accordance with the contract with the company that made the road in the neighborhood of the damaged road will be determined by the relevant company, he said.



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