The Craziest High Speed ​​Train Project: China Russia USA High Speed ​​Train

How fast hyperloop works even from the plane
How fast hyperloop works even from the plane

So far, I have only mentioned the projects and applications of our country in my articles on High Speed ​​Train. Let's open up a little bit to the world in this article. What's going on?

This project is owned by China. Russia is said to be looking hot. The two countries are about to bring this project to the table soon. There is no information about whether the issue was forwarded to Canada and the United States, and if they were forwarded.
According to the Chinese state newspaper Beijing Times, the planned line will start from the north-east of China and will arrive in the United States via Alaska and Canada through a tunnel under Siberian Pacific Ocean. And 13 000 km. will be long

The challenging part of this project, called "China - Russia - USA", is 200 km under the sea in the Bering Strait between Russia and Alaska. making it necessary to build a long tunnel. Until now, the project of crossing under the sea with tunnel has been implemented in one place and the length of the tunnel is 50 km. it was. [Between China and Taiwan], that is, a quarter of the length of the current project. a high-speed train project. This plan will be an engineering project like no other.

This project is expected to combine a distance of one thousand kilometers from the 13. Currently the longest line in the world that is in use is the Trans Siberya railroad only 3 a thousand kilometers. If the project comes to life 350 km per hour will travel 2 days to the other end of the line quickly.

According to the Beijing Times, this project is one of China's 4 international high-speed train line project.
Another of the projects starts from the western city of Urumqi is one of China, Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan-Iran and Turkey reaches out to Germany.

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