National Train arrives on rails soon

The National Train is coming down on the tracks soon: The National Train Project is now officially reached the end of the tender phase.

Turkey Wagon Industry Co. Turkey's first domestic diesel train set design made by counting days to test drive the rails. The National Train Project is now officially finished and the tender phase is expected to begin. The designs made came out one by one. It was announced that the train that will use diesel fuel will complete the electric train set within the same period. With the national train project, Sakarya will become an industrial brand with a huge investment.

Production under the National Railway Project will be held Electric Train Set and Diesel Train Set design of açıklandı.türki Wagon Industry is completed Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) General Manager Erol Inal, will be held production under the National Railway Project Electric Train Set and said that completion of the Diesel Train Kit design.


In the statement he made at the acceptance of the members of the board of directors of Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SATSO), Erol İnal informed that the electrical and diesel train sets that will be produced in TÜVASAŞ are designed and that they have reached the tender stage. National Railway Project with wagons and rail car production in Sakarya's brand might express Inal, 'because this sector stands up recently in Turkey, and is an industry shaped by way too fast. Today, Sakarya has become a place where sets are produced, not just wagons. This is a great success for the sector. Railway is of great importance not only in terms of transportation but also in terms of the revival of tourism and trade. ' said.

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