Uncompleted Gulf Road Junction

Uncompleted Gulf Road Interchange Danger: The road that cannot be completed at the Entur Junction of the E-87 Highway, which transfers vehicles from Bursa direction to Çanakkale and Edremit Bay, is threatening.
The fact that the construction of the E-87 Highway's Upper Road, which has been continuing for some time, cannot continue, creates serious dangers with the approaching of the summer season. Finally, a traffic accident that occurred at an intersection at noon and a car and motorcycle collided with the inhabitants of the region infuriated. Motorists were injured in the accident after the accident, voicing the reaction of the citizens of the road construction of the construction of the pole of the road construction work could not be completed due to not be moved.
With the completion of the road construction, coming from the direction of Bursa and Balıkesir, the town of Edremit and Çanakkale want to go to vehicles, using the upper road will be able to continue without stopping. In the same direction, the Burhaniye, Gömeç, Ayvalık districts and the vehicles that want to go to the province of Izmir, under the upper road in a controlled way to continue under the road. Approximately 7 for months of road construction work, stating that the citizens, eden This road has not been completed for months because of the transport of electricity poles. Is it so hard to pull the power lines aside? The 7 cannot be carried out for months. When the summer season began, there were already long vehicle queues at this juncture. Now there is a big mess because the road cannot be opened. Traffic accidents are already happening. This road must be completed before the season starts. Otherwise there are sad accidents in the day vaccination at this intersection in the season. This is a huge blessing and we invite officials to the mission. Let them draw the masts and the bridge is about to be completed. Bir
Following the traffic accident, traffic police intervened at the intersection of vehicle traffic and road controlled traffic was opened.



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