Koto will Meet for Tram

Koto will meet for the tram: KOTO, which moves due to the concern that the tram line passing through the city center will cause harm to the tradesmen, will hold a meeting for how the tram line passes without damaging the tradesmen.

Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce (KOTO)'s May assembly meeting was held in Burhan Kasım Assembly Hall. Murat Özdağ presented the monthly activity report at the meeting where KOTO Chairman Murat Özdağ and members of the board of directors and council members were present. Explaining that they are engaged in an important work in order to bring vitality to Kocaeli trade, Murat Özdağ said, “We are establishing our commissions so that the purchasing units of the municipalities and the purchasing units of KOTO meet together so that the municipality does not do the shopping from outside the province. Later, by holding the same meetings with the factories, the Kocaeli trade was revitalized. kazanwe will go,” he said.

Özdağ said that the biggest problem of the city was urban transformation. When it comes to construction, it comes to mind. There is no trades where there is no rent. First, organized trade zones need to be established. After that, trades should be moved to these areas and transformed into existing areas. Sonr Özdağ said that they will discuss how the tram line going through the city center can be done so as not to damage the tradesmen.

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