Eskişehir - Gebze high speed train line is delayed due to vandalism

The opening of the Eskişehir-Gebze high-speed train line was postponed due to vandalism: The Ankara High-Speed ​​Train Line, which is dedicated to developing railway networks, was planning to open the Eskişehir-Gebze section in the first quarter of 2014. However, in May, the Ministry of Transport announced that the opening of the line was postponed. This delay was confirmed by some vandalism events along the line.

The aforementioned section consists of the construction of a new 188 km route between Eskişehir and Köseköy and the modernization of the 56 km conventional train line between Köseköy and Gebze.

According to reports from the Ministry, damage was given to signaling and communication equipment. The 60 line line circuit was stolen at the 70 and the signaling and communication cable at the 200 segment was either cut or stolen. In a statement, the ministry said that aj it became a systematic sabotage beyond a simple theft Bak. The opening will be held in June.


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