Kantar Bridge opened to traffic asphalted

The Kantar Bridge was paved and opened to traffic: The Kantar Bridge, which is 480 meters long, 60 meters high and has 13 feet, was put into service in the Gercüş district of Batman.
The construction of the Kantar Bridge, which is 480 meters long, 60 meters high and 13 feet, has been completed in Gercüş district.
Kantar Bridge, which has a great importance for Batman, was put into service. Kantar Bridge started 13 month ago with the previous 140 kilometer of the Batman-Mardin highway 90 kilometers fell.
Bridge and Road Department Director General of the Special Provincial Administration on the bridge in his statement, said in a statement, about 50 years surrounding villages and villages waiting for the completion of the bridge, stating that the bridge is provided a great convenience, he said.
"Batman-Mardin road will be shortened by 50 kilometers thanks to the bridge partially opened to traffic," Üner said, adding that 2 districts, 2 towns and nearly 60 villages will benefit from the bridge.
Üner, about 25 thousand cubic meters of concrete is used to finish the side roads of the bridge will be an important route path, he added.



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