To Stop Work on Asphalt

They burned the construction equipment to stop the asphalt works: 2 construction machines were burned by unidentified people or persons in the village of Kantar in the Gercüş district of Batman.
According to the information obtained, an asphalt machine used in the asphalting work and a construction machine used to connect the Kantar village and surrounding villages to the Batman over the Kantar Bridge were destroyed by an unidentified person or persons. The villagers, who realized that the construction machines belonging to a company that undertook the road construction last night were burned while in the park, reported the situation to the gendarmerie. In the region where many security forces were dispatched, gendarmerie crime scene investigation teams examined the burned vehicles. While 3 construction machines were wanted to be burned, the construction machine used in asphalting from the burned construction machines became unusable, while a construction machine was damaged to a small extent.
Governor Azmi Çelik, who made a statement on the subject of the burning of machinery by whom or who said that the investigation continues to be done by investigating the truth will occur after research and investigations, he said.
On the other hand, approximately one million pounds of damage caused by the incineration of work machines said.

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