New Bridge Illuminated with Led System

The new bridge was enlightened by the Led System: The bridge was completed by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality on the bridge between the Old Kazımpaşa Street and the Sugar Junction. The bridge, which is located in the artery where the landscaping works continue, brought a different beauty to the region with its led lighting.
New route studies initiated by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality are completed. Works on the new artery will be completed as an alternative to Adapazarı-Serdivan crossings provided by the bridge between Kentpark and Çark Mesire. The new connection road between the old Kazımpaşa Street and Şeker Junction, which is approximately one thousand meters long, has significantly relieved the flow of traffic to the region.
The bridge, which was built on the artery, added a unique beauty to the region with its illumination. The statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality stated that the official opening of the route will continue within a short time.



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