ICT Energy Magazine to Keep the Energy Sector Pulse

ICT Energy Magazine Will Keep the Pulse of the Energy Sector: Energy is a necessary concept in all areas of life… Human beings need energy for their basic needs since the day they exist. Considering the process that has been experienced since the production of the wheel and the point reached today, it is inevitable that what has been imagined is real. Thanks to technology, what we can reach and do with one move is limitless. Even the Sun, the largest energy source of the earth and the planet, is now very close. The secret of the universe has not been solved yet, but the point reached is not at all worthwhile. The energy resources consumed quickly and unconsciously in this limitlessness create irreplaceable gaps in the eco-system in nature. Continuing life without polluting, unconsciously consuming, applying recyclable, and leaving livable things to future generations are called success stories in the new world order. At this point, ICT Publishing Group, which has been giving life to ICT Media Magazine since 2009 with its strong infrastructure and experienced staff, aims to keep the pulse of the sector and the public in the energy sector by implementing the ICT Energy Magazine.
In line with the principle of positive publishing, ICT Publishing Group, ICT Energy Magazine, which will provide a platform where news is not reversed, dirty information is not included and does not allow manipulation. http://www.ictenerji.com through the website; will share the knowledge and experience of experts on energy production and distribution, environmental and climate changes, electricity energy market, renewable and sustainable energy.
For information: ICT Publishing Group / 0312 212 50 00- ict@ictyayin.com.tr


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