It would be a disaster if there was a train stop (Photo Gallery)

If the train stopped in the accident in Hatay, it would be a disaster: STATE Railway (TCDD) officials stated that in the train accident that occurred yesterday evening in Dörtyol District of Hatay, the failure of the train to stop after the collision prevented the disaster, “God could not stop. "Had it stopped, the wagons would be in flames after the explosion," he said.

The 61602 passenger train, which runs from Adana to Mersin, was hit by the 21.00 DC 47 plate-mounted fuel tank in the 72 at the Delta Level Passage in Dörtyol District. Tank driver Omar Üçgül died in the accident. In a statement following the accident, TCDD said that Mehmet Doğan and 396 passengers were injured and discharged after receiving treatment at Dörtyol State Hospital.

TCDD officials, the public prosecutor and the gendarmerie carried out an accident at the site. Authorities in the examination, the train with the 5 wagon could not stop immediately after the collision, the last passenger car was found to stand at a distance of 100 meters from the accident. Authorities, trains prevented the train to stop the authorities stating that, said:

“The explosion occurred after the train stopped. If the train had stopped at the time of the accident, since the fuel in the tanker was crude oil, it would stick to where it fell after the explosion and continue to burn. In this case, the passenger cars would be in flames. " Repair work was also carried out on the railway line damaged due to the accident.

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