Tour Of Mersin Excitement Begins

tour of mersin excitement starts
tour of mersin excitement starts

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, this year will be the 5.'i Tour Of Mersin International Bike Tour press conference was held with the participation of Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer. President Seçer invited all his fellow countrymen to start the 25 in April and join the excitement of the Tour Of Mersin International Cycling Tour, which will continue throughout the day.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer, Deputy Governor Abdullah Şahin, Provincial Deputy Police Chief Mehmet Diyaaddin Özer, Deputy Mayor of Akdeniz Municipality Mehmet Yalçın Çomoğlu, Mersin Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate Sports Branch Manager Vedat Akyar, Provincial Deputy Director of Education on behalf of Serbülent loved and Turkey Cycling Federation race observers showed Orhan Fire participation.

Under the auspices of Mersin Governor's Office, which will be held in cooperation with the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and Turkey Cycling Federation 5. Tour Of Mersin International Bike Tour 25-28 April, 13 will be held in 4 stage throughout the whole district.

Yer Sports, culture and art activities take an important place in the promotion of the city “

Speaking at the press conference of the Tour Of Mersin International Tour, Chairman Seçer said, er Tour Of Mersin is an important event for the promotion of Mersin. This is the first days I came to the mayor's office, and it was a first for me. We care about the promotion of Mersin. There are different methods, channels and instruments in the promotion of Mersin. We intend to use them to the end. Sports, culture and art events are important for the promotion of a city. We have to do all of this in the case of Mersin, how we will use it to make it a topic of attraction in the world. Bütün

”There is no better opportunity to introduce the values ​​of Mersin to the world“

Stressing that sport is an important area of ​​activity in the promotion of cities, President Seçer said, er Sport is a universal field in inter-communal dialogue between social activities in countries. The most rational approach would be to use it as Mersin until the end. The Hinterlant is well suited. Tour Of Mersin, Anamur, Bozyazı, Aydıncık, Gülnar, Mut, Silifke, Erdemli, Mersin center, Tarsus, Camliyayla, all this hinterland, 16 thousand square kilometers in the area gives us the opportunity to introduce all of our features. We are a city founded on very ancient lands. It is possible to see the remains of many celestial religions here. There is no better opportunity to introduce the values ​​of Mersin to the world. For this reason, we would like to thank everyone who supported this organization. Bu

”Sports investments are important for Mersin“

Stating that Tour Of Mersin is one of the important activities made on behalf of the city, Mayor Seçer said, spor As a municipality, we would like to open up the way for investments and activities not only in this area of ​​sport but also in many areas. It is important to undertake such activities but to be in a number of activities that will contribute to Mersin's economy. Sports investments are important for Mersin. Mersin offers this opportunity. Sports tourism can be improved. Due to the favorable climate conditions, we can provide many sports clubs to do their winter camps. İklim

”For Mersin, we need to do the measures to develop a formula with the cooperation of central government and municipalities“

Stating that the existing sports facilities should be well protected, Chairman Seçer said, ini For us, the Mediterranean Games were an important opportunity and important investments were made. It cost effectiveness 500 million lira in Turkey and an important money. 350 million pounds were spent on investment. 150 million pounds were also current costs. But we built the facilities, then we couldn't protect it. Pity, sin. We are unable to protect the facility, we can not do what we need. We don't have a planned job. The municipality is doing the project, then the project returns to the dump. He's doing the project, this time it's wasting. There are unnecessary investments. Central government's investments are different. In coordination, we have to do the measures to develop a formula for Mersin in the form of central government and municipal cooperation. Koordin

”Culture is a mayor profile that will put art and sport at the top“

Stressing the importance of using resources more rationally, more rationally and more efficiently, President Seçer said, lar We can see that water sports in Mersin are not at the point they want because of the possibility of the locations here. In this regard, our municipalities will have special studies. A new period for the municipality, a new mayor, revised staff, a new understanding. I respect everyone's understanding of management, but I am a mayor of profile who will put culture and arts and sports at the top of the Mersin. I want this to be known. Mersin is a contemporary city. Mersin is a modern city. Mersin needs to be known from the world. It's known, but it doesn't look like that. We'il make it clearer. We will eliminate that ambiguity, O he said.

Deputy Governor Abdullah Sahin also delivered a speech at the press conference. After the speeches on behalf of Turkey Cycling Federation President Fever Chart Racing Observer Orhan, Deputy Governor was presented in the form Ancestry President Sahin.

13 athlete from 140 will be in Mersin

13 team and 16 athletes from 140 country will participate in Tour Of Mersin, where the number of teams and athletes increases according to years. The final countries and teams include Rad Team Herrmann from Germany, VIP Sport from Bahrain, Minsk Cycling Team from Belarus, Cycling Team Hemus 1985 from Bulgaria, BNP Sport from Switzerland, National Track Team from Kazakhstan, Marathon from Russia Tula, Serbia national team from Serbia, Turkey National Team from Turkey, Konya Torque Sports, Salcano Istanbul, Antalya Sport Pro Cycling Fereya Ukraine, Algeria SOVAC Cycling Team is located.

Athletes will translate total 500 km

25 is the 5 which will begin on April Thursday. Tour of Mersin's 1. Starting from Anamur, Ören, Bozyazı and then Anamur will return to Bozyazı, Aydıncık and Gülnar. 118.2 192.1 designated as km. day course starting from Mut district, Zeyne, Gülnar, 2. Peripheral Highway, Silifke, Susanoglu, Kizkalesi, will pass through Erdemli and Pompeipolis in Mezitli.

3 on Tour Of. day excitement starting in Tarsus Ulas, Sarikavak, Camliyayla, Böğrüeğri, Çapar, Değirmendere, Güzel highland, Arslanköy road, Yeni Köy, Gözne road, Şehitlik, Palm City, the last sunken by passing through the last restaurant on the Adnan Menderes Boulevard Hatay Restaurant will end. Competitors 3. A total of 70 miles will be pedaling per day.

The last course is 4. day course starting at Republic Square, Democracy Interchange, Karaisalı, Orders, Fountain, Stadium, 34. Street, Mersin Idmanyurdu Square from the Immigrant intersection until Adnan Menderes Boulevard 10 tour by going to the end of the latest Ozgecan Lion Square. With the 120.3 km last day course, the competitors will complete the race with a total of 500,6 miles.

Folk race will add color to Tour Of Mersin

This year 4 in Tour Of Mersin. Tour tour of Mersin will add excitement to the excitement of the tour. In this event where all citizens can participate for free, everyone from 7 to 70 will be able to participate without age limit.

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