Yalovaya Trambus Coming

Yalovay TRAMBUS coming to Yalova Mayor James Koçali, Fevziçakmak trambü the city and bringing in a meeting with Bağlarbaşı Neighborhood residents said they would make a significant move in transportation.
A Mayor of Yalova, Koçal is looking for solutions to 'pedestrian transportation', not vehicles. For provinces with a low population, like ours, the cost of a tram. low vehicle. ” Solution to urban traffic density with modern public transportation. Infrastructure works of all traffic and transportation projects of Yalova have been completed. We will implement the Trambus transportation vehicle in Yalova.
M. Ali CANTORUN Why not a tram? The tram is a kind of passenger vehicle. To make a complete definition; Vehicles that can move on roads created by laying special rails are called trams. The purpose of the tram is to transport passengers to reduce urban traffic. Although there are some drawbacks of tram transportation, such as the need for rails and power lines placed along the road in terms of urban traffic, it also has superior aspects such as not emitting smoke and working with electricity instead of petroleum products whose price increases every day. Trambus preferred? It is stated that Mayor Koçal's announcement that a tram will be brought to Yalova, not a tram, has important technical reasons other than cost and physical convenience.
That technical reasons: Trambü are low based processing, to be the choice up to 3 door with 7, standard bus with a width of 2.55 does not have the breadth, the absence of an electric motor, electrical system back to transfer the braking power control is the brake system, hybrid motor power outage (backup diesel generator or battery) of activation of the system, fossil less 75% fuel cost by fuels and external dependency of the less, be more comfortable thanks to the power takeoff on icy roads, transit maximum climb that vehicles with power in the vehicle, high passenger capacity ( 1 has one-way 6 bin -10 thousand people per hour).
Mayor Koçal said that v 7 trabuses will be put into service. Mayor Yakup Koçal announced the investments to be implemented in the transportation area recently, and said that the trabuses would be put into operation. Stating that the infrastructure works of all of Yalova's traffic and transportation projects were carried out, Mayor Koçal used the following statements on the subject: “We say we will implement the Trambus transportation vehicle in Yalova. The difference of this system, which is currently applied in Malatya, from the tram, is that it moves on wheels depending on electricity. This has a cost difference. It is a convenient and modern vehicle for cities with low population like ours.
Tram is currently losing money in a metropolitan city like Kayseri. Although it has the most usage hours in terms of the number of passengers carried between 8-9 in the morning and 5-6 in the evening, it hurts and is not approved. That's why we call it a tram, not a tram. What did that Malatya Municipality do? The Ministry of Economy gave an incentive certificate for 450 investments, including the trambus project of Malatya Municipality, and the fixed investment amount of the trambus project, which was given the certificate, reached 71 million 626 thousand 990 TL. Deputy Mayor Hasan Atay said, “24 bus lines with 4 buses will be canceled. 10 trabuses will be used on these canceled lines.
These trabuses will be 24 meters long and 18 trabuses of 2 meters length will be given as grants. The cost of buses to us is 21 thousand 300 TL per day. The amount of fuel consumed in a year is 7 million 704 thousand TL. Daily consumption of trambuses is 6 thousand TL, and annual consumption is 2 million 192 thousand TL. Fuel savings to be made with Trambus in 1 year is over 5.5 million TL ”. He ate Malatya population .. Yalova Turkey Statistical Institute (TUIK) data, the total population of 762 thousand 366 in Malatya in Malatya province 81; It ranks 28th in terms of total population, 26th in terms of urban population, 26th in terms of village population. Malatya's annual population growth rate was 5,8 per thousand. In terms of annual population growth rate, Malatya ranks 81th among 50 provinces. The rate of those living in provincial and district centers is 77,3 percent. The proportion of those living in provincial and district centers was 2011 percent in 76,8, and 2012 percent in 77,3.
According to the population growth rate in Yalova Turkey Statistical Institute data and passed the national average increase in the number of vehicles. According to TUIK's 2013 indicators, the number of people per square kilometer in Yalova was 241 two years ago, while the number increased to 2013 in 250. Yalova; Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Gaziantep and continued to reside in the top 10 taking place behind and was ranked 8th in the overall population growth rate of Turkey. In Yalova, the central population (center and districts) increased to 149.412, while the village population (central and district villages) decreased to 62.378.




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