07 Antalya

Modern and unobstructed overpass in Calli

The modern and unobstructed overpass of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality will make the modern and unobstructed pedestrian overpass on the light rail route of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Ship-looking modern overpass, with disabled lift and escalator. Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]


Caution High-voltage at YHT

Caution High voltage at YHT: 154 / 11 kV Osmangazi remaining within the boundaries of the narrower 154kV bes Kartal-Tuzla and Tuzla-Kromançelik - Çolakoğlu Lines' BRŞ.N double circuit underground power cable which feeds the transformer center on the clock [more…]

38 Kayseri

Skiing Tips

Tips for Skiing: In order for the skiing to be learned well, it is necessary to be trained by experts and to pay attention to some tips. Erciyes Ski Teachers Association President Numan miller, said in a statement to reporters, ski resorts in Turkey in recent years [more…]