07 Antalya

Suregen in Saklıkent Ski Center

Saklıkent Ski Center in the abundance of blessings: 45 kilometers from the city center at the height of 1850 meters of the unique landscape of the Taurus resembles a small town Saklıkent Ski Center is experiencing the blessing of the semester. The summit has increased the peaks, families and especially [more…]

36 Kars

Skiers flocked to Sarikamisha

Skiers Sarikamisha flocked: Sarıkamış Cıbıltepe Ski Center weekend skiers filled with skiers. It located in the district of Kars Sarikamis Turkey's leading ski resorts and located between Cibiltepe ski resort of domestic and foreign tourists followed by abdominal fat [more…]

08 Artvin

Atabarı Ski Resort

Atabarı Ski Center is funded: Atabarı base ski center snow thickness 70 centimeters reported that reached. 17 snowfall at the Atabarı Ski Center, 15 snowfall last night. [more…]

07 Antalya

Latin Fever On Snow

Latin Fire on Snow: Dance lovers of Antalya met at Saklıkent Ski Center at 50 meters away from the city center. Dancing dance lovers on the snow have enjoyed hours of fun. Hundreds of dances in the event called 'Dance in the Snow' [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. Bridge connected to TEM

The bridge is connected to TEM: 3. bridge path, merged with TEM. The previous day, Çavuşbaşı TEM passers-by, with the construction machinery that opens the way to the nose came to the nose. Bridge and Northern Marmara Motorway operations are moving fast [more…]

34 Istanbul

Mayor Kadir Topbas: Say We're the Metro

Mayor Kadir Topbaş: Say Metro to We Say. On a question of the journalists about the war, Kadir Topbaş said: I am a project man. We have made many projects within the framework of the service concept that we initiated, Istanbul has seen an investment of 60 billion TL in our period. This year [more…]

34 Istanbul

4. hearing seen

4. trial: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş'ın including 20 pending accused, metrobus purchases 'alleged misuse of the case' claim filed 4. hearing was seen. Judge and Kadir Topbaş's lawyer [more…]