18 Cankiri

Holiday in Ilgaz Ski Resort

'Joy Ilgaz: Turkey's leading ski centers taking its place among the natural wonders of Kastamonu and Çankırı Ilgaz located between the provinces of 2000 altitude ski resort, has become the focus of attention kayaksever. [more…]

31 Hatay

Last Post For The Cable Car In Antakya

In Antakya, the last pole was erected for the ropeway: In addition to the infrastructure arrangements, the Municipality of Antakya, which gives importance to the construction of alternative social reinforcement areas where people can be intertwined with the environment, [more…]


Description of TCDD traverse loading work

TCDD to traverse installation job description: from TCDD, loading the cars of concrete sleepers and unloading work of the tender edecek.türki Republic State Railways Administration General Directorate (TCDD), loading the cars of concrete sleepers and unloading work tender [more…]


Automobile tram in Eskişehir overturned

Cars overturned on the tramway in Eskişehir: In Eskişehir, a driver was injured when a car was knocked over to the tramway as a result of the cab compression. According to the information received, the administration of the 26 AE 366 license plate, SB, Teachers Street, H.B's [more…]

34 Istanbul

Tram stops stopped

Tram stops stopped: the forgotten bag at Sultanahmet Tram Stop caused a bomb panic. Stationery material was removed from the bag detonated by the expert team. Due to the suspicious bag, tram stops were stopped for a while. [more…]