Skiing Tips

Tricks of Skiing: In order to learn skiing well, it is necessary to receive training from specialists and pay attention to some tricks. Erciyes Ski Teachers Association President Numan miller, said in a statement to reporters, the number of ski resorts in Turkey in recent years that begins to occur with increasing culture of skiing. Mentioning that skiing weight and height were chosen incorrectly, Değirmenci pointed out that the majority of skiers try to slip with skis longer than their height. Noting that the length of the ski is important in doing this sport, Değirmenci said: “The length of the ski or the disproportionate weight of the person causes the skier to spend a lot of energy.

In addition, there are serious difficulties in turns and postures, and people who do not know the ski very well may face serious injuries after falling. In order to ski well, the length of the ski should not exceed the person's chin and should be trained by professional people. It is very important not to buy or rent a random ski team. The right choice of skiing is half the slip. ” Noting that Karvin skis are more susceptible to skid due to the wide surface of the snow contacting with snow, Değirmenci emphasized that the turns can be realized by putting light weight on the desired side and the movements are restricted in the skis that cross the person.

Describing that skiing is a sport that requires some agility and that there are situations where sudden movements are required from time to time, Değirmenci noted that these agile movements cannot be done in thin, long and heavy skis. Skiing technique is a sport and therefore also by the skilled person miller emphasis should be education, he continued: "Many people unfortunately try to ski learning in Turkey is trying to shift its own or really taking ski training of non-professional people. In addition, some people who think they know the ski think that they can give ski training.

Ski instructors grow in 25-30 years. During this period, they receive trainings both at home and abroad, but they can become ski instructors in that way. These people know all the techniques of skiing and transfer it to the person they train. In case of ski training from non-specialists, wrong information is obtained and injuries may occur. It is almost impossible to correct many techniques that were learned wrong at first. For this reason, it is very important to receive training from experts. ” Stating that skiing can be learned at any age, but it will be much more beneficial to start from the age of 6, Değirmenci stated that learning after 40 is much more difficult.

Değirmenci, 6-year-old person can be taught skiing in 1 hour, whereas someone over 40 can be taught skiing in 2-3 hours, “Age has a direct relationship with learning. You can easily do whatever you say to a young person, it becomes more bold. However, as the older people cannot overcome the fear of 'falling and a place will break', they can do the desired actions in a much longer time. People are discouraged. For this reason, the learning time of skiing is extended, ”he said.

if the right person to receive training from the age of the average person much progress has been very good in the 4-hour ski learned that expresses Millers, while learning the best ski slopes in Turkey argued that the Erciyes Ski Center. Stating that the powder snow in Erciyes is very convenient for learning ski, Değirmenci said, “It is very difficult for young children to learn skiing on hard and icy tracks. Skiing learned in 2-3 hours in other ski centers, Erciyes can be learned in 4 hours. In the first place, standing and snow slings are taught, and then return and stop trainings are given. ”

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