34 Istanbul

3. midnight surprise to the airport project

midnight surprise to airport project: Government, 3. In order to overcome the problems related to the underground water resources experienced in the construction of the airport, a legislative proposal was submitted to the TGNA at midnight last night. Accordingly, the airport, the bridge [more…]

16 Bursa

Tram line to Mudanya Coast

Tram line arrives to Mudanya Beach: Tram line is included in Mudanya 'Coastal Road Project'. Nostalgic trams will run on 8 kilometer rails starting from the armistice building and extending to Güzelyalı. Coastline project with nostalgic tram [more…]


TURKAR From Iron to Roads

TURKAR From Iron to Road: Motor driven electrical, hydraulic and compressed air inlets and outlets, optionally 50-60 km / h reverse feedrate. Special air system for the braking system of wagons in wagon tractors. Brake [more…]

06 Ankara

Xinjiang Subway opened traffic increased

Xinjiang Metro opened traffic increased: 13 year after the construction process of the Xinjiang subway, increased traffic on the Internet. In the last 12 month, the people of Ankara search engine de Sincan subway ”search on Google recently [more…]


Bozankaya Eurasia at the Rail Fair

Bozankaya Eurasia Rail Fair: Rapid investments since 1989 Bozankaya The group is preparing the Eurasia Rail-based tramway low 100% of Turkey's first exhibition and TRAMBUS to explain to the visitors. Bozankaya Group, [more…]


Beach Road wants to repair the street

Plajyolu Avenue is in need of repair: İzmit Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Plajyolu Avenue has been destroyed due to the construction of the new railway. Environmental residents who say that the roads in the region returned to the mole, “We applied to the municipality for asphalt construction. Our [more…]