GPS and Camera Period in Public Transport Starts So What Does It Mean?

GPS and Camera Period Begins in Public Transportation So What Does This Mean? : Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) made a revolutionary decision regarding public transportation vehicles. Now, GPS and camera become mandatory in all buses, metrobuses, trams and other public transportation vehicles. Until July 7, all public transportation vehicles must have this technical equipment. George Orwell's 1984 novel comes true today.
Everywhere is covered with cameras and someone is watching us. So why did UKOME make such a decision in public transport? Here are the details! According to the latest decision made by UKOME, until July 7, 2014, GPS and camera devices had to be installed. According to the decision of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME), all public transportation vehicles serving in Istanbul were obliged to install GPS and camera devices until 7 July 2014. According to UKOME's decision; Until Monday, July 7, 2014, it was compulsory to install GPS and Outdoor cameras on Public, Staff, School service vehicles, and GPS and internal-cameras on all other public transportation vehicles.
In the written statement made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality IMM on the subject, “All relevant tradesmen will have their GPS and Camera systems, the technical features of which are determined by the IMM Directorate of Public Transport Services, after they have been approved by the IMM Electronic Systems Directorate. GPS ID numbers and camera records of the systems installed on the vehicles will be reported to the Public Transportation Services. As of Monday, 7 July 2014, tradesmen who do not switch to GPS and Camera applications will not receive a Work Permit and a Route Usage Permit Certificate ”.

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