GPS and Camera Period in Public Transport Starts So What Does It Mean?

The GPS and Camera Period in Public Transport Begins So What Does It Mean ?? : Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) has made a decision about revolution in public transportation. Now, all buses, metrobus, trams and other public transport vehicles become GPS and cameras. By July 7 all public transport has to have this technical equipment. George Orwell's 1984 novel comes true today.
We're covered in cameras, and somebody's watching us. So why did UKOME take such a decision on public transport? Here are the details! According to the final decision of UKOME, 7 2014 7 until the date of GPS and camera devices were brought to the obligation. According to the decision taken by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transport Coordination Center (UKOME), all public transportation vehicles in Istanbul were obliged to connect GPS and camera devices until 2014 July 7 date. According to the decision of the UKOME; 2014 July XNUMX GPS and external camera for public, personnel, school service vehicles and all other public transportation vehicles have to be installed by GPS and internal-camera until Monday.
In the written statement made by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality IMM Sistem All relevant craftsmen, technical specifications, GPS and camera systems determined by IMM Directorate of Public Transportation Services will be mounted on vehicles after approval of IMM Electronic Systems Directorate. GPS ID numbers and camera records of vehicles installed in vehicles will be reported to Public Transport Services. 7 July 2014 As of Monday, tradesmen who do not pass the GPS and Camera application will not be given a Work License and Route Usage Permit Pazartesi.


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