wagon sales to tcddden

TCDD Wagon Sales for Loss

detriment cars for sale from TCDD: Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), depending Turkey Wagon Industry AŞ (TÜVASAŞ) Bulgaria Railways who ordered 30 wagon while producing a total of £ 88.6 million cost, selling 75.1 million to approximately 13.5 million [more…]


Siemens at 2014 EurAsia Rail Fair

Siemens is 2014 Eurasia Rail Fair: Turkey Siemens Rail Systems, Transport and Logistics with Intelligent Network Group; 06-08 will be held on March 2014 at Istanbul Expo Center Eurasia Rail-4. International Railway, Urban Railway Systems, Infrastructure and [more…]

18 Cankiri

Ilgazda snow thickness 50 centimeter

Snow thickness in Ilgaz 50 centimeter: Snowfall in XIUMX decreased to 25 centimeter in Uludağ due to snowfall in the last week. In five separate areas of Ilgaz, five runways with a total of 55 kilometers [more…]

34 Istanbul

ITU-Istinye between subway

ITU-Istinye subway: Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbas announced new term projects Topbas, ITU-Istinye will establish a new metro line between the Bay, he said. Kadir Topbas gave a news about the new metro line at a press conference yesterday. Topbaş, baş First [more…]

25 Erzurum

Drift show on the ski track (Video)

Drift show on the ski track: Rally and snowboard champion Çiçek Güney and former football player Pascal Nouma presented a drift show on the tracks at Palandöken Ski Center. Opel Turkey by the General Directorate, the festival was held in Palandöken Ski Center in Erzurum. [more…]

32 Isparta

Davraz Motosnow races training tours (Video)

Davraz Motosnow Race training tours were held: Davraz Ski Center, Davraz Motosnow Racing training tours were held in the track, the race will be held in the same race tomorrow. motosnow first time in Turkey will be held tomorrow (motorcycle on the snow) race of technical meetings and [more…]