TCDD Wagon Sales for Loss

TCDD Wagon Sales for Loss

Wagon sales from TCDD at a loss: Turkey Wagon Sanayii AŞ (TÜVASAŞ), affiliated to the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), produces 30 wagons ordered by Bulgarian Railways at a total cost of 88.6 million TL, while it is 75.1 million TL [more…]


Siemens at 2014 EurAsia Rail Fair

Siemens company at the 2014 EurAsia Rail Fair: Siemens Turkey Rail Systems, Transportation and Logistics and Smart Grid Groups; Eurasia Rail-06, which will be held at Istanbul Expo Center on 08-2014 March 4. International Railroad, City [more…]

34 Istanbul

We will first subway station station in Turkey (video)

We will build a metro station for the first time in Turkey: 100 meters from the intersection, the signaling system at the intersection will be able to detect the buses. He will turn the red light into green saying 'the bus is coming' and will not make you wait. What is the nearest bus stop on your phone [more…]

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ITU-Istinye between subway

ITU-Istinye metro: Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbas announced the new period projects Topbas, ITU-Istinye Bay will establish a new metro line between the said. Kadir Topbaş at a press conference yesterday, the new metro [more…]


Distance between Sivas and Divriği 3 hours shortened

The distance between Sivas and Divriği has been shortened by 3 hours: Minister of National Defense İsmet Yılmaz stated that with the Anatolian sets that started the expedition on the Sivas-Divriği line, it would be easier to reach Divriği and said, “With these sets, we have brought Divriği closer to Sivas” [more…]

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3 in Front of Governorship. Airport Action (Video)

3rd Airport Action in Front of the Governor's Office: A group gathered in front of the Istanbul Governor's Office carried out an action on the grounds that the northern forests were massacred during the 3rd airport works. A group gathered in front of the Istanbul Governor's Office, the 3rd airport [more…]

25 Erzurum

Drift show on the ski track (Video)

Drift show on the ski slope: Rally and snowboard champion Çiçek Güney and former footballer Pascal Nouma presented the car with a drift show on the tracks at Palandöken Ski Center. Opel Turkey by the General Directorate in Erzurum [more…]

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Davraz Motosnow races training tours (Video)

Davraz Motosnow Races training tours were held: Davraz Motosnow Races training tours were held on the track created in Davraz Ski Center. The races will be held on the same track tomorrow. Motosnow to be held tomorrow for the first time in Turkey (on snow) [more…]

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Manisada train crash

Train accident in Manisa: In the Salihli district of Manisa, 2 people in the car crashed by the passenger train while passing through the unprotected passage died. Blue Train number 31135, which makes the Izmir-Konya expedition, departs from Salihli Station to Kabazlı. [more…]

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Ambassador Kudzmanasin enjoying skiing

Ambassador Kudzmanas' skiing pleasure: Ambassador Kestutis Kudzmanas said that Erciyes Ski Center is at world standards. Kudzmanas, in Erciyes, where he came with his family, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Erciyes is both close to the Cappadocia region and [more…]

25 Erzurum

Skiing in Sunny Weather

Sunny Weather Skiing in Palandökende: Weekend holidaymakers in Erzurum Palandöken Ski Center enjoyed skiing in sunny weather. Weekend holiday at Palandöken Ski Resort, one of the world's leading ski resorts [more…]

Intercity Railways

Southern Express hits the tractor

South express hit the tractor: While driving to the town of Kurtalan striking the towing vehicle in front of the South express, scared the inhabitants of the environment. Ferhat Tanrikulu, the attractive driver 30, survived the accident with slight abrasions. Invisible accident [more…]