Minister Işık

Minister Işık İzmit: Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık attended the opening ceremony of the Aşıroğlu Interchange which was completed in Kocaeli. Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikret Işık, Kocaeli AK Party Deputy Mehmet Ali Okur, [more…]

52 Army

2 Bin Altitude Snow Festival Has Started

2 Thousand Elevation Snow Festival Has Begun: In Karadüz district of Ordu, this year, the first snow festival in Çambaşı Plateau was held. AK Party Deputy Ihsan Festival organized by the Governorship of Ordu and lasted for two days [more…]

49 Mus

Gap Sports Games Started

Gap Sports Games Started: Ministry of Youth and Sports General Directorate of Sports, organized by the Department of Sports Activities 8. Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Winter Sports Games started in Muş. 14 from 118 athlete participated in the championship of Güzeldağ [more…]

20 Denizli

Holidays in Bozdag

Kardag Gift Bozdag Holiday: Konak Municipality, a group of 600 students who took scouting training in the district centers and sports facilities took their children to Bozdag as a report card. In Bozdağ Ski Center, the little scouts, who had fun, ignored the cold [more…]

01 Adana

Hand in Love Project

Hand in Love Project: Within the scope of the .B Hand in Love Project Mustafa 29 January and 31 January with the student train from Adana to Tarsus Adana Deputy Governor Halis ARSLAN, 200 Regional Director Mustafa ÇOPUR and with the participation of railroads [more…]


Highest Snow Thickness in Erzurum Konaklı

Highest Profit in Erzurum Konaklı Thickness: snow depth at ski resorts in Turkey, the highest in Konaklı Erzurum 95, 6 centimeters were measured in the low Hazarbaba. According to data from the General Directorate of Meteorology, the highest snow thickness of Konaklı'yı 86 [more…]

14 Bolu

Snow breaks for beginners

Snow breaks for beginners: As a native of İzmir, my relationship with snow until this year; On the way to Istanbul, all my work remains Noel ¨hoohoohoo¨ screaming in Izmir was a Santa Claus. But this year [more…]


Privatization Decision in Egirdir

Privatization Decision in Eğirdir: Privatization Administration decided to sell the real estate in Eğirdir, Isparta, to Erdal Altunbaş. According to the decision taken in the Official Gazette, the Privatization High Council (ÖYK) related to the transfer of powers of the Privatization Administration, [more…]