Dreams Come True First Domestic Tram on Rails (Special News)


In Dreams Real Became the First Domestic Rail Tram: Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, the first local tram produced in Bursa saying it was the pride of Turkey, "Our dreams came true, very proud. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will make the first ride of this Bursa-signed tram during his visit to our city. ”

The first local tram produced in Bursa under the leadership of the Metropolitan Municipality and inspired by the symbols of the city and designed as 'silkworm' was brought to BURULAŞ workshop. Mayor Recep Altepe, Durmazlar produced the first domestic tram test drive.

President Altepe, Bursa, the name of the world-wide announced that the signature of a serious success, “We keep the promise we made in the election process and we produced the first local tram with our industrialists in Bursa. Our dreams have come true.
The tram produced in Bursa is now on the tracks. Ilen

Stating that the production target of Bursa industry is very high, President Altepe said, u İpekböceği came down to the raya. A very important condition for Bursa and Turkey. Bursa industry reached its production target. The vehicles we buy from abroad with huge sums will now be produced in Bursa. This is the first domestic vehicle of all mechanical, electronic and management system, fully production of Bursa. For the first time with our own patent, we have made the production of a vehicle with our own brand İlk.

Reminding that they aim to be a brand in every subject, President Altepe said that the first vehicle downloaded to the rail was designed in a modern, world-class and European quality structure. President Altepe, adding to the words of that vehicle production continued, "Our goal is to be sold abroad trillion of these tools and Turkey is entering the enclosure. We kept the promise we made during the election process, we are experiencing the pride and excitement of fulfilling our duty. Seçim

”Bursa made a big move“

The world's 15 1 trillion dollar annual market projections about the need voicing President Altepe, Turkey also stressed the need to exploit the denominator. Altepe, Italian and German engineers also checked the first domestic wagon began the test drive recording, ği Bursa, made a big move. We aim to make world brands in Bursa. Subcontractor not, let's do the production of brand. This tool not only in Bursa, was the pride of Turkey. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit the first domestic vehicle during his visit to Bursa Erd.

Mayor Altepe, under the supervision of Taha Aydın, Advisor to the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Durmazlar congratulated the local tram production team for their successful works.

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