Target at the third airport at the end of the year

The target at the third airport is to start work at the end of the year: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yildirim said that in aviation, 2023 targets: “a person will reach an airport in 100 kilometers or an airport on an 1 hourly journey anywhere in the dormitory to the south, north, east, west. Ifade This goal is very close, he said.

Explaining that Ordu-Giresun and Hakkari airports will be opened in the short term, Yıldırım said, birkaç A few airports may be added in the medium term. Their studies are being done. It wouldn't be right to say which and where. Because work is so crude. When it matures, we will share it with the public. When we realize these, we will be able to complete our 2023 targets before they reach 2023..

  1. airport destination raised

Turkey's airports to transport the target of xnumx't 2023 underlines that additional million passengers Lightning, the number of airline passengers has reached 350 million today, said that 165 million passengers away from the goal.

Yıldırım said: sa If there is no unexpected instability or unexpected developments in the region and the world, we will surpass this target. 10 The number of passengers, which was 34 million years ago, reached 165 million today. We can easily reach 10 million passengers in the next 350 year. The capacity of the airports was around 60 million, and now we have reached 200 million. 3. When the airport is in operation, our total annual passenger capacity will reach 375 million passengers.

“We will negotiate with 14 for ground delivery”

Lightning reminiscent of the initial agreement of the new airport to be made in Istanbul, the contract will be signed after the contract detail negotiations will be submitted to the approval of the ministry said. Yildirim emphasized that the requirements of the delivery of the ground floor at the new airport are being fulfilled.: Ground delivery has several conditions. The land needs to be delivered to them clean. It's a forest field. There are some allocations here. It is also part of the mine site. There are 14 companies entitled to the mine. They are being interviewed. They say they have some rights. What are our friends in these talks, what they are doing due diligence, according to these determinations will be compromised. After we solve all the problems with everything, we will deliver the place so that the contractor company starts to work. Otherwise, the work will continue with constant problems. Therefore, it is difficult to give a date, but our goal is to complete the studies at the end of the year and at the latest in the first quarter of next year without any delay. ”

Ministry officials said the contractor in the preparation of the work in the preparation of the work of the Lightning, preparing the projects, runway layout measurements were made, he said.

Since there will be a serious soil movement in the place where the new airport will be built, Yıldırım said that the contractor company is also working on special machinery and equipment. Since there is a huge soil movement, special productions are required for this. They work on this. So I'm not worried about that. It is a project made with Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model. The delay is at my loss as well as at the expense of more contractors. That's why I have no worries..

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