BALO project will contribute to export targets effectively by using railway transportation

BALO project will contribute to the export targets by using rail transport effectively: Salih Bezci, President of Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO), said that the Greater Anatolian Logistics Organizations (BALO) Inc. is a system that will contribute to its export targets effectively by using rail transport which has not been used efficiently until today.

The publicity meeting of BALO, which started to transport goods by rail, is Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) 1. Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) was carried out.

Bezci, speaking at the meeting, stated that transportation of goods is the sine qua non of the transportation, the provinces that have the advantage of carriage is a step forward in exports, he added.

xnumx's percent of Turkey's exports of seafood products around, the land of the 52 percent, indicating that Bezci carried through the air xnumx's percent, while the share of railways noted that the 40 percent.

Turkey's seas to reach the 2023 year export target, that land and air transportation to approximately 65 billion-euro investment required striking Bezci, "This field inevitably investments to be made to environmentally damaging means of increasing carbon emissions. However, railway transportation is a time-consuming transport system with low economic and predictable carbon emissions. O

Mr. Bezci said that BALO is a system that will contribute to its export targets by effectively using the unused railway transportation. Stating that the project will reach the logistics villages of Anatolia in a timely and secure manner, Bezci said “The project will carry the entire burden of the industrialist and the exporter to the world Proje.

Bezci, who stated that ATO has a share of 15 within the company of BALO, ASO 1. Emphasized that they can give 5 part of the OSB if desired.

  • Gider Shipping costs will decrease with BALO “

ASO 1. OSB Chairman of the Board of Directors Ahmet Kaya, 245 production facilities in the region and about 30 thousand people were employed said.

Kaya stated that the actual export amount of the region is about 1,5 billion dollars, and that they are working hard to reach the targets of 2023. Kaya said that the biggest problem of the industrialists is the transportation of the goods to be exported, and that they should act together with all the stakeholders in order to solve this problem.

Kaya, 500 billion dollars to reach the export targets, railroads should be increased to 15 level by pointing out the export, işaret 500 billion-dollar exports, if we try to do with TIR about 10 thousand kilometers TIR tail is required. According to this, road and fuel is needed. Therefore railways are very important for the exporter. The last 4-5 has been making significant progress in the railways. Fast trains stepped in. Alternative railways were built. This shows that the railway infrastructure is necessary to achieve our export target. Bu

Mr. Kaya said that he believed that BALO would increase the exports to be made by railroads and that the first time the project was carried out in 8 in September, the goods delivered on 15 days were delivered in 5 days with BALO.

Kaya, with BALO, the transportation costs will be reduced by approximately 30 than the transportation of land by specifying this, stressed that this situation will increase the competitiveness of exports.

  • "Our goal is to be the leader of Turkey's railway operator performs national and international transport"

Great Anatolia Logistics Organizations (BALO) Inc. General Manager he Here Hussein, prom Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union, 75 chambers of commerce, trade and industry chambers, trade exchange, 15 organized industrial zone, General Stores Turkish Inc. and International Transport and Logistics Service Providers 93 has a partnership with the association, he said.

Here though, the target of industrialists to improve the competitiveness in international trade by lowering transport costs to enter new markets and support to ensure that there is permanence, to extend the railway transport railways in Turkey said that the entire point of the scheduled and regularly provide.

Stating that the railroad should be revived for the increase of exports, so that the regions reached by the railway has been improved in every area.

"Our goal is to be the leader of Turkey's railway operator carrying out the national and international transport," he Here he gave information about the activities and systems of the ball.

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