Lahore metrobus line 19 has gained new vehicle

The Lahore metrobus line gained 19 new vehicles: 19 new metrobus vehicles joined the country's first metrobus line operated by the Albayrak Group in the capital city of Punjab province, Lahore.

The Pakistani people show great interest in the metrobus, which reduces the 3,5 hourly road to the 50 minutes in the tyrant Lahore traffic.

The introduction of 19 new metrobus vehicles to the country's first metrobus line, operated by the Albayrak Group, in Lahore, the capital of Pakistan's Punjab province, was highly appreciated by the people of Pakistan. The addition of the new fleet to the metrobus line, which reduced the 3,5-hour road to 50 minutes in the harsh traffic of Lahore, with a population of twelve million, made headlines in the Pakistan press.


Lahore people were welcomed to increase the number of metrobuses working on the metrobus line, which played an important role in the success of the state elections for the second time in the Punjab State Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, who brought metrobus to Pakistan for the first time. The previous 45 metrobuses were causing excessive influx of passengers due to their high popularity.


While Lahore's 12 million inhabitants continue to flock from different districts to try the metrobus, there are also passengers who come from other cities of the country for permanent visits. After establishing a government in Punjab, prime minister Shahbaz Sharif asked the Albayrak officials to add 19 more metrobuses due to excessive attention.

The opening ceremony at the Albayrak metrobus terminal in Lahore on Thursday evening was made by Hamza Shahbaz Sharif, the son of MP of the Punjab Prime Minister, who had important roles in the Punjab government. While Pakistan's media are different from the agenda, national television channels have given more importance to the 19th Metrobus' launching ceremony, while newspapers evaluated the news from the first page.



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