Kızılay-Keçiören Havaray Line

Kızılay-Keçiören Havaray Line: Murat Güztoklusu CHP Ankara Anakent Municipality Presidency Presidency. In the elections held in April, 1999 was the beginning of the projects which I brought as the candidate of Çankaya Mayor. I tried to talk to the public by making many speeches, newspapers, radio, television interviews for the presentation of the project that you have made the idea and name. In my program booklet and on a wall poster, HAVARAY was included.

There was a lot of attention to the project during and after the election. Melih Gökçek was the Mayor of Ankara. Turkey Gazette dated September 23 1999 "havaray Project is implemented" in a report titled, he wrote that the Metropolitan District Council KEÇİÖREN-LINE RED CRESCENT havaray project taken into 2000 year investment program. Adem Kadam signed the news, unanimous decision taken by the project to be taken into the investment program of the 2000 year was specified to authorize the General Directorate of EGO.

5 months after the local election, and the name of the project as well as I would like to thank you once I was taken into the investment program. However, the months passed, a step in this matter, not to take a step towards justifying the Koran. 24 May In the morning newspaper dated April 2000 Hasan Tahsin Okutan in his article titled ören Transportation from the Air? Keçi, in an interview with Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok, writes that he said that Keçiören's most urgent need was seen as a metro. the news on the subject was understood from the news.

Hasan Tahsin Okutan gave my opinions and emphasized the support I gave to KIZILAY-KEÇİÖREN HAVARAYI by taking the words tır With this project that does not require large investment amount and long investment period like the underground subway, public transportation will be strengthened and the city will be saved from excessive motor vehicle pressure Hasan.

Despite the decision taken by the Ankara Municipality in its own Assembly, Hasan Tahsin Okutan said, esi The Havaray project is dreaming at the moment, but it is a dream to make metro to Ankara.

For some reason Mr. Gokcek then gave up Havaray and went underground. He started burying hundreds of trillion with the other two lines he started and none of the lines were finished. Asking a journalist who asked onları why don't you finish a line and start the other way yanıt in the previous election, Gökçek gave away the seriousness in the form of gaz I couldn't break them Bundan. He tried to escape by handing over to the Ministry of Transport.

The result was the people of Keçiören. 10 2004'da years ago 2014'da air will be at the metro XNUMX'da al ala! However, we will try to be comforted by triggering the process that brings the project to the underground.

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