Railway Transport Workshop (Strengthening Intermodal Transport in Turkey within the scope of the EU project)

Strengthening Intermodal Transport in Turkey EU Project Scope Rail Transport Workshop: The Ministry of Maritime Transport and Communications Ministry of Transport conducted in cooperation with Spain "Strengthening Intermodal Transport in Turkey Twinning Project 2. In the context of tay Preparation of Intermodal Transportation Legislation iştir, a workshop on ası Railway Transportation atı was held in 18 June 2013 in Ankara.
2 of the project. The purpose of the component is to develop a draft legislation proposal on intermodality in freight transport. All-day workshop was attended by experts, speakers and representatives of the Turkish railway sector from the Spanish administration.
At the workshop, an impetus to intermodality in Turkey kazanOpinions and suggestions were received to determine and evaluate the most appropriate measures to be applied to the railway, which may General Manager Yaşar Rota and Deputy General Manager Nükhet Işıkoğlu attended the workshop on behalf of DTD.

Source : www.dtd.org.t is

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