Services Offered in High Speed ​​Train

yht expires from the number of flights
yht expires from the number of flights

Services on the high-speed train: I do not like to drive while traveling. Especially for someone who goes to Ankara because of business, I was one of the most happy with the fast train. It is also a great blessing; May Allah bless those who have contributed.

We never get tired, we are going to the heart of Ankara, we ride the 7.00 train in the morning, the clock enters the hearing at 9.00, we can go back by the 11.00 train.

However, since the business class started, almost no problem could be solved. In this class TCDD's commitment is to watch movies on several channels, refreshments etc.

Let's just say that since this service has been given, almost always the same movies are given, and the image-sound quality is worse than that of 20 years ago. After a while the screen freezes completely.

The passengers in front of me stand next to him, "Well, they could not handle this one," he says, "What a nice service, whether or not?"

Yes, the service is nice but why do the TVs with inter-city buses work perfectly on those trains that are bought on millions of TL?

Children want to watch cartoons, but uz we can't offer them now Çocuklar.

People do not watch or follow, but if a service is given or should not be given or given. I think people should not be charged extra.

And what about our stations? Our beautiful stations that are inherited from the Ottomans have become so ugly that they are made to be shown in a modern way. A covering was made, all the grandeur of the building was gone. The building is crying, crying, and you don't. Small buildings next to this building, which are not handed by more human beings, are damned to their main buildings by thinking about when the queue will come.

They will be greatly appreciated if the concerned ones have restored our beautiful station buildings. Otherwise, the anger that everyone knows about this situation will always continue.

Source: Memleket

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