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3. bridge seen from space

The bridge was also seen from space: In the latest images taken from the RASAT satellite, the legs of the third bridge, the construction of the third airport and the sea embankments in Maltepe and Yenikapı are also seen. RASAT satellite designed and produced by TÜBİTAK [more…]

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Manufacturer's Hazelnut Carries Primitive Cable Car

Primitive Ropeway Carries Producer's Hazelnuts: Hazelnuts collected on steep lands in ORDU are transported to the threshing floor with the primitive ropeway established by the manufacturer. 36-year-old Mehmet Kondak, who pulled hazelnuts from the cable car stations with his motor, said, “The 300-500-meter cable car established in the villages [more…]

34 Istanbul

Anatolian side and metro culture

Anatolian side and underground culture: Despite being one of the first cities in the world with Istanbul metro and tram lines for many years due to the neglect of the rail system in Turkey, especially the metro, many districts of the city [more…]