Tree massacre is not done in Uludag

Tree slaughter is not done in Uludağ: Bursa City Council Bursa Working Group evaluated the developments in Uludağ cable car construction. In some places on the line for cleaning the cable car was cleaned, but it can not be considered as a tree massacre. Bursa Study [more…]

34 Spain

Fast Train Was Fast Coffin

Fast Train Fast Coffin: Spain's train crash, Sakarya'da 41 almost lost the accelerated train crash. The dynamics of the two boilers described by the authorities as vermek overspeed ansiyon are the same: enabling fast / accelerated train traffic on the conventional train track ce in Spain [more…]

68 Aksaray

President Nevzat Paladan Cable Gospel (Video)

President Nevzat Paladan Ropeway Gospel: Aksaray Municipality, which will benefit from the citizens of many important projects, the Municipality is preparing to sign another first. On the order of the Mayor of Aksaray Nevzat Palta, between the Kılıçaslan park and the cruise terrace on the Kılıçaslan hill [more…]

Intercity Railways

Kastamonu Railway Remzi Gür Stamp

Kastamonu Railway Remzi Gür Stamp: Kamil Demircioglu, who served as the Kastamonu Governor for two terms, said in a tourism meeting (1985) that Gür There will be no tourism without airline. Kast Demircioğlu was an experienced governor who left his mark in our city with his works which have culture and tourism. Kastamonu airport [more…]

07 Antalya

Alanya needs air transport

Alanya transportation needs to be aired: Last week, Alanya-Antalya sea transportation for the development of the proposed ferry service SP President Aktas, this week has made a new proposal for transport in Alanya. Aktas, 4,5 meters from the ground will be established [more…]

34 Istanbul

What if birds hit planes?

What if the birds hit the airplanes: Will the third airport be established in one of the major bird migration routes? Birds' route 2 will be observed throughout the year and necessary measures will be taken. Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Erdoğan Bayraktar [more…]