Level Crossing Accidents on History

Level Crossing Accidents happen: If the regulation that regulates the precautions and application principles at the railway level crossings, the level crossing accidents leading to the loss of life and property will be lost. Railway Construction and Operation Personnel Assistance and [more…]

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Speed ​​Train questions from Hope Rate

High Speed ​​Train questions from Hope Rate: CHP Istanbul deputy Umut Oran, Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train 29 October Republic Day to catch up, some contracts related to the line date of the February 2014 how it would be possible because of the Ministry of Transport said the Ministry of Transport. [more…]

tcdd passenger transport map 3

TCDD Passenger Transport Map

Shuttle TCDD Map: average share of railways, railway lines is about 2% throughout the passenger transportation market are used yl Turkey 45 active. In view of the major medium and long routes, the railways from the passenger transport market [more…]