A Life on Cold Rails

A Life on Cold Rails
In the morning, while the dawn, cold iron rails begin to work overtime. Every day until the evening go-come distance taken from 20 kilometers. The railroad is in many regions with 10-15 km tracks and guardians. The railway road keeper, who controls the area he is responsible for every day, has to take care of the cashier.

Mustafa Dogan (1975), who started his career as a laborer in State Railways (DDY) 57, he is one of the guards of railway.

For twenty years, while overseeing the area he was in charge of, he walked around the world a thousand times to walk around 85 a thousand kilometers. Asık Veysel says, ı I am on a long, thin road, I go day and night gece, as if I had made the professional definition of railway guards.

Every morning, the first day of the profession with excitement as the first day passes. Carefully walk through each meter of the kilometer, as if it were the first meter. A small carriage lamp in one hand, a carburetor lamp in one hand, a tool bag in one hand, rails, and thousands of fixtures that secure the sleepers, carefully control the eye, attention is paid to the right side of the road. Was a landslide, fell to the road, screw loosened, loaf-thrown small faults by using the hand tools at that moment, large faults and irregularities to inform the concerned.

It is at home in the earthquake in 1998 in Adana. He runs to the Varda Railway Bridge, which he calls ne the trust of our state gelip, and runs to check his house.

The night of the day, the safe flow of traffic, the passengers work to reach the load in time. The rail watchman, the 10 watches over the hour and the 24 watch is ready for duty. On the way to freeze, cold, not to sweat the priority way to be open, is the completion of the work. Life spans the roads. Her friends, trains that pass by several meters away, thousands of passengers and tons of cargo.

At the end of twenty years, the road watchman Mustafa Doğan becomes Mustafa Çavuş. Pozantı-Belemedik, which is a dangerous and important region for FDI due to the nature of the land and the nature of the nature conditions, continues to serve among the stations of Belemedik-Hacıkırı, Hacıkırı-Bucak and Mustafa Çavuş. There are full 4 mile tunnel crossing between the Belemedik-Hacıkırı stations, which have a length of 10 kilometers.

Wildlife and settlements intertwine. There is no rheumatism in this region.

Now the railways are being reconstructed. Now Mustafa Çavuş's title line maintenance and repair officer. The change of title does not reduce the weight of the task but rather has new responsibilities. But the workers keep calling him m Sergeant Ama. Changing the name of the train instead of only the electric electric high-speed trains have been replaced.

Uş The changed trains have also changed, işt says Mustafa Cavus. He had an accident nearby, yok We were working at the mouth of the tunnel, a new train was installed, we didn't know, it was electrified. When we heard her voice, she was 20 meters to us. ”We took it hard on the side of the road. Kend

The materials they used changed. Uk We were using a carbide lamp this way from the Germans. Nowadays we use led lighting, head lamps, battery powered lighting. In case of danger of firecrackers, red-green illuminated lamps, while the mobile phone, the radio has been used in places where it did not. Now they're going to work with motorized wagons. Mustafa Çavuş, “A lot has changed. After steam, the first 24 thousand-horses trains. Then the British central cabins followed by the 22 bin horsepower locomotives. Now there are thousands of diesel 850 that takes 33 tons of freight on this ramp, Şimdi he says. Speed ​​Train at its most favorite. He gets excited when he hears his name.

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