China Carries High-Speed ​​Train With Its Possibilities

China Made High Speed ​​Train With Its Own Possibilities: China put into service the high speed train (YHT), which it did not import and manufactured by its own means from A to Z. This locally produced train is the product of a work that has been going on for years and the effort for independence in this field. The train in question was unearthed by many Chinese engineers and technicians in about 30 institutions, as a result of studies that have been carried out since 2012.

As it is known, China has a very developed YHT railway network that has been expanded since 2008 and a large number of YHT fleets operating on these lines, for example twice that of France. However, these trains were either built with the aid of large manufacturers such as Alstom, or loaded and imported onto ships from, for example, Japan, Italy, and Germany. This time, these two trains are entirely made in China, from the design and the engine to the control system.

These two trains, which were presented to the public as a result of 5 years of work and manufactured entirely with domestic technology in accordance with local standards, can speed 400 km per hour. The trains are being put into service on the 2011 km Beijing-Shanghai line, which was opened in 1318. Thus, the two megapoles will be connected to each other in 4 hours and 49 minutes.

These developments showcase China's progress in rail transport.

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