Ordu Boztepe is the only center where you can go up and down by cable car

boztepe ropeway tourism locomotive
boztepe ropeway tourism locomotive

Ordu Boztepe is the only center where you can go up and down by cable car. Ordu welcomes paragliding enthusiasts every month of the year. Paragliding enthusiasts in Ordu enjoy the blue and green by flying from Boztepe, 500 meters above the city center, every month of the year.

Paragliding flights from Boztepe, which is 500 meters above Ordu city center and visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists who come to Ordu every year, attract great attention of adrenaline passions. While Boztepe, the tourism center of Ordu, is one of the indispensable centers of hundreds of paragliders coming from outside the province, citizens can also fly with trainers.

Paragliding Instructor Barış Sağra said that the first feature that distinguishes Ordu from other provinces where flight can be made is the ability to fly every month of the year and the unique view of Ordu. In his speech to the Rump, cable car exiting in Turkey, stating that flies descended by a single center of the army, 'since 2000. I am interested in paragliding sport. Already the Army is one of the first paragliding spots in Turkey. In this sense, we are lucky. There is a God-given geography. Ordu is a place with the best view from Hopa to Thrace. We also try to enjoy it. There is a lot of interest. Paragliding is a popular sport by nature. The view is beautiful here. This is why a sport with high adrenaline draws attention in an exquisite geography where green and blue meet. Especially those who come from abroad who do not know Ordu are both surprised and happy when they see such an activity in Ordu. Ordu has an advantage over other paragliding places. We can fly 12 months of the year here. Fethiye Babadağ is a very beautiful center but it can be done only for 6 months. The advantage of Ordu is that we can do this sport for 12 months. It is very easy to reach. We can take the cable car in 10 minutes and fly. only center in Turkey, was second in the world, "he said.

Air Sports Federation Army Provincial Representative Huseyin Ilhan, the parachute sports, as in every athlete also underlined that it is a very important detail that the presence of the audience, 'a point like this where people are busy in Turkey are just here. An important point in the history of paragliding in Turkey Boztepe. We are a small group here, we are trying to keep this alive. We want it to continue. This place has become a utopia for the paragliding community. Everyone wants to come and fly here. Distances and people's jobs, vacation schedules determine these things. You go up the hill within minutes and you fly down. Whatever sport you do, it is spectator sport. You have an audience. If the person doing that sport is good, he wants his ego to be caressed. I mean, he wants someone to see him, to see him. At no point in Turkey parachute jumping will not look at you, because you are at the beginning of the mountain. But Boztepe is not like that, there are always people here, and it gets very crowded on weekends. Parachutists living in the surrounding provinces love it very much. This place has an audience. This is a very important detail, "he said.

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