2.Antalya Transportation Problems and Solutions Conferences

2.Antalya Transportation Problems and Solutions Conferences
2. Talking at Antalya Transportation Problems and Solutions Conferences. Regional Manager Mustafa Karademir, Antalya's North Ring Road to be invested this year, the Expo 13'ya said they can not catch up.
Chamber of Civil Engineers Antalya Branch organized by 2. Antalya Transportation Problems and Solutions Conferences discussed the transportation problems of Antalya. In the opening speech of the conference, Chamber of Civil Engineers Antalya Branch Chairman Cem Oguz said that the urban transportation system is a complex system in which all transportation facilities are integrated. Urban transportation is a necessity of finding a healthy structure expressing Oguz, "In the 50 years, particularly in big cities the past in Turkey to plan urban traffic and transportation systems, many transportation studies and plans were carried out. There is no completed main transportation plan in Antalya until 2013. From the previous years to the present day, the logic of the puzzle and the transportation systems were continued. In addition, the traffic and transportation burden in the city every day to make the solution unresolved and will not render the master plans, new shopping malls, stadiums and residences are still persistently working on the construction of the residence, kent he said. Antalya 2023 projection of the Eskisehir-Antalya and Konya-Antalya railway lines stating that it is being expressed that Oğuz, at least one of the planned lines in the budget 2014 and Expo 2016 Antalya project should be re-evaluated enough to be sufficient.
Professor of Istanbul University, who made a presentation on High Speed ​​Train. Dr. Mustafa Karaşahin noted that the railway is an important project for Antalya. indicating that the two non-rail port city in Turkey, Prof. Dr. Karaşahin reported that these were Antalya and Trabzon. Noting that the goal of 2023 is to provide rail connections to both ports, Prof. Dr. Karaşahin, high-speed trains currently all the ongoing railway investments in Turkey has stated that basis. Prof. Dr. Karaşahin stated that the existing trains will be used for freight transportation after the construction of the high-speed train lines is completed. Noting that Turkey's high-speed train operations came to a certain place in Prof. Dr. Karaşahin stated that it ranks 8th in the world and 6th in Europe. indicating that the country was left alone in a region of Turkey? Dr. Karaşahin said, “No country around it has made an investment decision on high-speed trains until 2025. the country with the most openings, including European countries, Turkey at the moment, "he said. Stating that Antalya seems to be one of the lucky cities, Prof. Dr. Karaşahin said, “Because it will be connected from two points. There will be one connection between Afyon-Burdur-Antalya and another as Polatlı-Konya-Manavgat-Antalya. The tender for the high-speed train project between Polatlı and Afyon has been completed. It is under construction. Currently 280 kilometers left to reach Antalya. "This connection will not provide a connection to Istanbul, so it will only be connected to Antalya-Istanbul after the planning and construction of the Eskişehir-Afyon connection is started." Stating that the project that should be insisted in Antalya should have the Burdur-Antalya line in the first place, Prof. Dr. Karaşahin said, “Currently, there is already a railway line to Burdur. The important thing is that freight trains and passenger trains come to Antalya port in the first place. And this line will be a conventional line in projecting. That is, the maximum speed will be 160 kilometers per hour, in some places up to 180 kilometers per hour. Its project has been completed. There will be a station in Kepez. "It will be integrated with the tram line and from there it will go to the port."
Antalya City Transportation Projects providing information about the Highways 13. Regional Director Mustafa Karademir also stated that there is a hot mix service at 443 kilometers across the region. Stating that the hot mix road works are still going on at the 188 km, Karademir said, Kar In the current year, new hot-mix tenders are planned for 290 kilometers. In the 2013 year, these roads are aimed to be finished and put into service as hot mix. Karademir also gave information about the construction of the ring roads and found a site related to the Northern Ring Road project which the public has been following very closely. Karademir, who stated that although the project has been completed since 107 of the completed ring road has not been taken into the investment program until now, he said:
“It was presented to our ministry again in April, to be included in the investment program. This time we are hopeful. If the construction of this route is delayed within this year, the chances of it being put into service by Expo 2016 are getting weaker. The fact that the service level of both Expo 2016 and our current route has decreased at the moment, it is very important that this Northern ring road is included in the investment program and tendered immediately. "
Pamukkale University, who made a presentation about yapan Impact of Traffic Analysis of Urban Facilities on the Traffic Concentration of the Facilities: The Case of Antalya “. Dr. Halim Ceyhan and Lecturer Görkem Gülhan Antalyaspor explained the traffic density observed between morning and evening at the existing area of ​​3 kilometers between Falez and Samanyolu intersection. Later, they gave information about the stat, shopping center and other businesses that will be carried out on 100 Year Boulevard.
The meeting continued in the form of questions and answers.

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