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burrulas mermaid
burrulas mermaid

The presentation of the seaplane, which is one of the most important links of the transportation investments chain of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and which reduces the distance between Istanbul and Bursa to 18 minutes, was made on both sides of the Marmara Sea. Istanbul press in the Golden Horn, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, Bursa, Bursa, Bursa, Bursa, Bursa, Bursa, Bursa, Bursa, Bursa, Bursa, Bursa, Bursa, Bursa. Bridge emphasized that the distance is limited by minutes.

18 per minute Istanbul

In line with the goal of Bursa to be an accessible city in every area, Metropolitan Municipality, which has initiated a new era in intercity transportation with sea buses as well as intercity transportation, is now launching the sea plane flights connecting Gemlik and Istanbul Golden Horn on April 1. The flights are planned as two mutual tours every day of the week. Accordingly, the first flight will be held on April 1 at 08.30 on the pier next to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Sports Facilities on Kadir Has University Street in Haliç, and on the same day, the second round will be at 18.00. On the flights from Gemlik port, it was determined as 09.15 in the morning and 18.45 in the evening. Since it is only the first day on April 1, the first flight from Gemlik will be held at 11.00. Meanwhile, tickets for seaplane flights were also on sale. Those who want to benefit from the transportation opportunity between Bursa and Istanbul at a price of 100 TL in 18 minutes, Burulaş's They will be able to get their tickets on the website at 444 99 16.

Air bridge installed

Mayor Recep Altepe met with the Istanbul press in Haliç in the morning for the launch of the seaplane. Altepe gave information about the seaplane at the introductory meeting where the national press showed great interest. “Istanbul 14 is a million-year-old industrial city in 3 in Bursa. The two cities are integrated into each other and hundreds of people come and go every day. However, we have chosen the road so difficult to travel so far. In line with the demands of our people, we started sea transportation and now we are launching air transportation. In this way, the transportation between Istanbul and Bursa was limited to minutes. Those who board a flight from Halic from the center of Istanbul will be in Bursa Gemlik after 18 minutes. After a short journey, our waiting services will be delivered to the city center. We do not expect any problem about demand. In fact, 10'ar 10'ar ticket requests already started to come. In particular, our industrialists have already started to make requests for meetings. For now, we are starting 2 flights, but we will be able to increase the number of flights in line with the demands. Şimd

Great contribution to tourism

President Altepe, Gemlik Port in the introduction of the flight of domestic flights to the flight will contribute to the contribution. Altepe, who stated that the citizens of Istanbul, whose population exceeds 14 million, will no longer have trouble about where to breathe, relax and have a pleasant time. We make it a place to rest. A person who lives in Istanbul will come to Bursa on an 18 minute journey and will be able to see both historical places and natural beauties in summer and will be able to do winter sports in Uludağ even in winter. In fact, with the introduction of our new ropeway to the cable car from the city center will also reach the 20 minutes. Bursa will be one of the most important choices to beg Istanbulans with both transportation and historical and natural beauties. Bursa

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