First Skiing

Murat Mountain, the highest mountain in the Gediz district of the Aegean Region, the newly created circuit on both walkable and can be utilized thermal water skiing was Turkey's only area.

"If the second ski region," the nature of Kütahya Murat Mountain opened to tourism in the town of Gediz, waiting for visitors to the merger with thermal water feature not found in any area with skiing in Turkey.

Summit of 2 340 meters of the summit of Murat Mountain, a height of one thousand 850 meters in the Sarıçiçek Highland ski slope was created. There is also Murat Dağı Thermal Springs in the area near the runway with a thousand feet of 450 meters.

Thermal and Murat Mountain Ski Center, xnumx'inc of Turkey's Aegean Region was put into operation in the second after the Bozdag ski resort in California.

Aegean Region, which is the highest mountain in the Murat Mountain ski center, nowhere is worth noting that the feature that combines the thermal water resources are not skiing in Turkey.

From the summit of the mountain to the Sarıçiçek Plateau, it is aimed to create new tracks and visitors to ski first, then to benefit from the thermal water in the spa.

Call for investment in private entrepreneurs

Gediz Governor Ismail Çorumluoğl, Murat Mountain, the most important difference from other ski centers in Turkey, said that reside in the same environment of the snowy ground with natural thermal water.

It's no facility in Turkey, stating that Çorumluoğl the few places in Europe, he continued:

Uz We believe that Murat Mountain will come to the forefront with its feature combining both skiing and thermal water. Because we have 450 hot water at its altitude at a thousand 40. Therefore, we think that this attraction will increase even more. With this feature in the world and number one in Turkey. A geothermal work is also being carried out here. We hope that this area will be a very attractive area for the private sector. We invite all investors here. This place will be discovered in the future, you discover the bride as soon as possible and you will have the income from the investments before you have. We make this call to all investors in Kütahya, Uşak, Afyonkarahisar and Manisa. Iz
Çorumluoğlu, the peak of the mountain from the summit of the Sarıçiçek Plateau and the first to establish a new ski resort, then to benefit from thermal water in the spa, he added.

"Why not be a Davos here?"

Gediz Mayor Mehmed Ali Saraoğlu also said that Murat Mountain, the highest mountain in the Aegean Region, is unique with its plant characteristics, wildlife, ski facilities and thermal water resources.

In the Aegean Region, many skiing opportunities in terms of climate can not be pointed out Saraoğlu, said:
Kayak In the 4 month of the year on Murat Mountain, perhaps more skiing can be offered. In this context, Murat Mountain is an area where you can come to the spa and find healing and ski. The combination of these two features brings the Murat Mountain Thermal Tourism and Ski Center to a unique point.

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