Tramway Accidents in Konya on the Way to School Students' Filled (Video)

Tramway Accident in Konya, Turkey
KONYA'da Selcuk University Alaeddin Keykubat Campus at the level of the passenger van collided with a tram crossing, 23 25 people were injured in total. It was learned that the injured students set out to take their exams.
Accident, today at the 08.45 Selcuk University Alaeddin Keykubat Campus has occurred at a level crossing. 23 M 51 plate in the 42 year 8204 passenger 30 passenger with 15 passenger control, level crossing allegedly uncontrolled transition on, Alaeddin Campus campus, but the passenger XNUMX battalion managed by Ali Tokgöz collided with the tram. With the intensity of the tram collision, his van dragged about XNUMX meters.
In the accident, Tokgöz, the minibus driver Yilmaz and 23 students were injured in the minibus. The wounded, ambulances were removed to various hospitals in the city. The students who were about to go to make-up exams left the bloody lecture notes.
Selcuk University (SU) President Hakki Gökbel, visited the wounded. Gokbel, along with those who went to SU Faculty of Medicine Hospital 17 injured went to the injured.
Receiving information about the situation of the wounded, which he wished to take edi get well edi, Gökbel said in a statement that there was a sad incident and that there was no danger to the wounded. The 17 of the injured in the hospital's hospital, the other 8 is being treated in different 2 hospital stating that Gökbel, farklı two of the injured in our hospital face bone fractures, one of the elbow dislocation. 10 wounded in different parts of our bodies are cuts, X he said.
Ali T'nin (30) used by the campus-Aladdin expedition, Su Alaaddin Keykubat campus campus Hasan Y. (51) administration of the 42 M 8204 plate collided with the passenger van, most of the university student 25 injured in the accident.
An investigation into the accident continues.

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