Public Transportation with Elkart Identity Cards 3 Day Free

public transport gun with ID card
public transport gun with ID card

Konya Metropolitan Municipality offers students the opportunity to use their student ID cards as Elkart in public transportation and to benefit from 3 public transportation vehicles free of charge from the first use.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality; Selcuk University, Necmettin Erbakan University, KTO Karatay University, Konya Technical University and Konya Food and Agriculture University provides an important convenience for students who register.

Students enrolling in universities can use the student cards issued by the universities as Elkart directly on the buses and trams of the Metropolitan Municipality.

In addition, students can use 3 free of charge during the day from the first use of public transport. Within the scope of this study, both Elkart feature and the right to board the 22 day free of charge were identified on the ID card of approximately 3 thousand students this year. After the end of their free rights, students can continue to use their cards with Elkart box office or dealers' fees or subscriptions.

In order to enable students to use their cards without any interruption on the student schedule, 20 applies to the Population Directorates within the day. address records to Konya, dormitory students in the dormitory to receive documents from the Metropolitan Municipality Elkart Directorate must deliver.


Citizens who can apply for Elkart on the internet before coming to Konya Metropolitan Municipality can follow the results of their applications over the internet. Those whose cards are ready can get their cards from the Elkart Directorate of the Metropolitan Municipality, or they can receive their cargo at their addresses if they wish. Citizens can do their transactions at Elkart Directorate without waiting in line at the time they determine using e-Appointment system; With the e-Balance and e-Filling services, you can learn the balance of the cards on the internet or load balance and subscription.

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